Direct from Paris... Roo's new watch!


Apr 28, 2006
I am not big on braggy threads, but wanted share my excitement about this... :yahoo:

I returned from France and Austria a couple of weeks ago- and while in Paris I fell in love with this Poiray watch. The watch is really great because it does not have a buckle- the strap fastens into the watch case with two pins on each side that have a snap fastener. I love this watch because it is really unique and so versatile because the watch straps can be changed.


I want to also publicly thank tpf member fromparis. She has been a good friend to me and put up with gallavanting around Paris with me while I was there. I was a bit stressed due to travel woes with the new terminal in London (lots of flight cancellations) and some stuff at home. fp was very patient with me during all this. When we went to the Poiray boutique it was Saturday which is nuts for shopping in Paris-- and of course it was crammed and hot in there... she helped me and was so patient. She also insisted that the SA give me a brand new watch from the back stock that was not handled... :yahoo:

has a great sense of style and helped me choose the dark grey strap. Thanks again my friend :heart: I am also adding a pic of my new beautiful Souliado provencial style table linens... fp helped me pick them out that same day. Love them (and you) fp...Also thanks to keodi for listening to me stress about flights being cancelled on skype.. :rolleyes: What would I do without you and the rest of the PF ladies to keep me SANE and in style? :shame:

This is where the band fastens:



Aug 16, 2006
So elegant and unique!!!

A great piece to remember Paris by!!! Congrats!!!!!


Mar 9, 2006
So very classic!

We need a modeling shot my dear.

Congratulations to you and truly enjoy this lovely piece. I also want to thank fromparis for being so kind to you!!! You are a special person Roo and I thank her for treating you as you so deserve.:heart: