Direct Buy

  1. I see this infomercial on TV all the time. Is anyone a member? How does it work? How much does it cost? What are the name brands and are the items damaged? Thanks.
  2. ^What a great site! I just spent the past hour going through all these products that I always wondered about, and now I know for a fact that they are all scams!
  3. well, all I can say is that I'm a member for about a year now, I haven't bought anything yet because me and my husband are saving money to do that (we have a big house 5bed/5bath) I remember I inquired about a master suite room set that was being sold at a major furniture chain store for $12,000, direct buy quoted $7500. They day I bought my membership a lot of people were there buying stuff, I even got to know the owner of that particular franchise, very nice gentleman, he even offered a job to run the new store he was about to open but I declined. God Knows what's going on. I will tell my husband about the horror stories posted online. Thank you for the information.
  4. i found myself up at some weird hour of the morning not too long ago, and watched the informericial. i was very excited about the idea, but i googled the company and found similar negative information.

    not sure which is right, but i decided to stay away.
  5. I heard before you can join or shop you have to sit through a two hour seminar.....
  6. I have 2 friends that are members and are very pleased so far.
    One just renovated a 5,000 sq ft house and used them for some of it.
  7. How much is membership and what designers do they have?
  8. My mom had a big issue with them. They tried to deny her a membership because she was married and my dad wasn't going to be on the membership. She got a lawyer involved I think. I have to ask her how the whole situation turned out!!

    My cousin and her DH are members. She hasn't had anything terrible to say. Other than it seems like a!!
  9. i've seen the infomercials before as well, but never researched them till now. great share, thanks!
  10. From what I read on the site Poppylover posted, it all looks like a big fat scam. I'd stay away from it, just read the horror stories posted there! I'd much rather spend a little more but keep my peace of mind.
  11. I have friends that are members and very pleased with Direct Buy. They are into buying/selling remodeled houses and say that the membership saved them LOTS of money.
  12. Maybe its a franchise and that's why there's varying opinions of them. But I also found this website a while ago about them....

    (Yeah, I love these websites too. They give more power to the consumer just like purseblog. :tup:)

    I guess the overall concensus is their sales tactics are very odd. Giving people the ultimatum of either purchasing membership the day of seminar or being banned for life is a little too high pressure. If their honest why would they need to be so manipulative?
  13. Is anyone a member of this place? My SO has this bright idea of paying for the membership fee and saving "a ton of money" in the long run. We've been to the seminar/sales pitch thingy majig, hes totally convinced, but me?? Not so sure!

    I've read some comments about them on the net, some are GREAT, some are not so great. They are a member of the local BBB and have a good reputation with them, but Im still not sold. Although, if they are really reputable, as much as we remodel apartments, I DO think we could save money in the long run. Im just scared they are a total scam. Gut feeling?:push:

    So, please, anyone have ANY feedback on this place? If you dont feel comfortable responding in public, please dont hesitate to PM me!

  14. ^ I have no idea about his place, but what about going to Contractor Supply stores? When I re-did my kitchen, I found a contractor's store and bought my cabinets through them and saved probably $4-5k. I also have bought some other things there.