Dipping my toe into the Hermes water (Im from the outside world!) Can you help me?

  1. Please dont laugh at me :sad:

    I would love to know what bag this is (shown in the picture):confused1:
    -Is it possible for me to buy one? Or is there a wait list?
    -How much does it retail for?
    -What do you think of the style

    Please know, I am actually feeling a little shaky posting here (even clicking on the Hermes link, I felt scared!):sweatdrop:

    Please take it easy on me, I know you gals are hardcore :yes:, and I dont mean to seem like a dolt, but I have no idea what the bag in the picture is (although it probably is blatantly obvious to you guys):yes:

    pakchi shoulder birkin.JPG
  2. Hi Gung and welcome! Its called a JPG Birkin you can find out more info in the reference section! Goodluck!
  3. Gung - that bag is a birkin with long handles to be worn onver the shoulder designed by John Paul Gautier. Here it is sometime called the "shoulder Birkin" or the JPG Birkin. In stores I have heard it referred to as either. If you say shoulder Birkin they should know what you mean. It is very big (42cm long) and rather heavy.

    I think you would have to order one as they are seen very rarely on shelves.

    Others (who own one) might chime in with more help. :smile:
  4. Hi Gung -
    don't feel like a dolt! Most of us were clueless about H at some point in our lives. Just jump in here and read, read, read!
    That JPG Birkin is fabulous! Hope you can get one!
  5. And in the picture is blue jean color. I hope you can get it. :yes:

  6. The good thing is, the JPG Shoulder Birkin has NOT been discontinued. They are still available, direct from the stores. And apparently new ones are being made in the SS2008 colours and they are out!
  7. First off welcome to the Orange side! You'll find plenty of helpful people and resources in this forum...it will only be dangerous to your bank account! ;)
  8. As people have said, it is a JPG Birkin. I bought one off the shelf at the Beverly Hills store in early November. It was 8600 w/o tax for togo leather. I love it and don't find it heavy unless I really load it up :smile:
  9. Hi again Gung!!!!! did you find your sister's bag okay?
    the JPG Birkin looks pretty awesome huh! I rather like it myself. Probably would be more up my alley than a traditional birkin. what color do you like?
  10. Welcome to the dark side and say goodbye to your bank account (j.k.).

    No there isn't a wait list. More like luck. If the store has it and is aware that you're hunting for one. Unfortunately I'm not sure what the going rate is these days.

    Personally I think the style is modern luxury at its best but that's just me.:shame:
  11. Hi there ... do you still have your H receipt from Beverly Hills? Does it say Togo?
  12. No, it just says Birkin Shoulder Handbag. I didn't ask what the leather was because I was about to pee my pants that I was touching the actual H bag VB owned that I'd seen in pictures. It was a buy now, ask questions later moment. With the price...I just assumed it was togo or clemence--a common leather. I haven't handled a lot of leather products at H so I only know leathers from people's descriptions here. (I KNOW! I'm one of those bad H owners! But I'm trying...)
  13. ^^ Thanks for your reply. The only reason I asked is to find out if Hermes has started making the full leather Shoulder Birkin in other types, other than Clemence, which it has been using all this while.
  14. it is clemence all the way never seen togo but there are jpg´s in croc ostrich denim combo veau doblis and one in epsom that was a special order for a vip and looks hideous if i am allowed to judge :flowers: