DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation? Anyone used it?

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  1. It's pretty good but i like the other foundations better. I think they last longer
  2. it work for me is well..but when u spray it on..u need to use brush anyway...
  3. I don't use a brush, I just spray it on and use my fingers to blend it.I like it, but it's not the best choice if you need a lot of coverage
  4. I loved it but it didn't last long.
  5. I use Classified Cosmetics ERA Spray On Face and I love it! I don't need heavy coverage though so I don't know how it may work for those who do. But I don't spray it on my face. I spray it on a hand held mirror and apply it with a wedge which I know defeats the purpose of a spray on, but my face is shaped weird and I dont get the coverage I like when I spray it. I still prefer to use it over liquid though because its feels weightless on my face. HTH!
  6. this was my first spray foundation and i absolutely loved it at the time! i got it when it first came out (when the container was about half the sizes and still the same price :cursing:) and it was just so great to be able to apply foundation without having t use my grubby fingers all over my face. it provided amazing coverage and gave my skin a flawless finish-i think i got the most compliments on my skin while using this. i'd do a quick spray and then, if i needed to, i'd even it out with a sponge and be good to go.

    however, i found this to be really messy-if you're not careful, it gets all over your hair/eyebrows, giving them a weird white-ish cast. i would have to make sure to use this while i still had my hair in a towel, and i'd always have to wipe off my eyebrows. the only reason i chose not to repurchase this when i went through my canister (in all of like 3 weeks :Push:smile: was the price. but since it's now twice the size at the same price it's not as big an issue.

    but since then i've purchased the SK-II airtouch foundation which doesn't get on your hair/clothes at all. it doesn't provide the same degree of coverage that the airflash does, but it provides a glowing finish nonetheless.
  7. I have heard GREAT things about the Classified Air Spray (or whatever its 'official' name is)!

    I think it is the foundation that Carmindy (sp?) always uses on What Not To Wear :smile:
  8. I loved it, but I oculdn't justify it any longer. It didn't last very long for the price. And I don't mind spending $$$$ on cosmetics but it wasn't worth it for me.
  9. too pricy and a very small size!