Which is the best for huge peepers!

  1. BadGal

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  3. other

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  1. I want big huge lush lashes. I've never tried either of these products - i'd like to purchase only one of them. Which would you recommend?

    p.s. if "other" please post what brand, etc.
  2. Diorshow for me.
  3. I've only tried Diorshow, and I like it :flowers:
  4. you know what? i use BOTH :lol:. no, seriously

    i use the DiorShow Waterproof and DiorShow Unlimited together, and then i put the BadGal Blue over it to 'brighten' my eyes. but if you just wanted the regular black mascara, then go for DiorShow :yes:
  5. LOVE DiorShow.
  6. i've tried both diorshow and diorshow unlimited, and Chanel Inimitable beats them both EASILY. without a doubt the best mascara on the market.
  7. I guess if you want to buy one get Diorshow, but I agree w/ amanda, Chanel Inimitable beats out both! I also really like Fresh Supernova.
  8. DiorShow hands down. I tried BadGal once and it smeared after a few hours. I haven't had that problem with DiorShow, even with the non-waterproof formula.
  9. *Personally* I found the best mascara is MAC Zoomlash. I layer it over MAC Prep+Prime Eyelash and it seriously makes me look like I have fake lashes on!

    LOVE it!!!
  10. Diorshow! The Bad Gal brush is awkward.
  11. I didn't like Badgal at all. I ended up returning it because it smeared under my lower lashes after the day had gone on. I have used Diorshow and it's awesome, but I have to agree that Chanel Inimitable is the best! The brush is amazing!
  12. Of the two DiorShow is by FAR the better choice! I was extremely disappointed in BadGal--it smears and runs within an hour of putting it on even if you don't touch your eyes at all.
  13. another vote for the diorshow!
  14. I've tried both and have bought DiorShow over and over!
  15. Is the brush on diorshow as fat as the badgal one?