Diorshow Mascara: My Verdict

  1. So after all the raving about the DiorShow mascara I picked some up from Sephora (the waterproof). I've been using Shu Uemura Fiber Xtension mascara for about a year now, and I love it - but after hearing how amazing the DiorShow is I figured, why not. So I tried it today, and sadly I'm not impressed :sad:. The wand is really large, to the point where you have to be careful not to get it on your eye or lid! It goes on nice, sure, but no better than the Shu Uemura - and the Shu Uemura is easier to apply. Sadly, the Dior doesn't go on as flawless as the Shu Uemura - you have to brush, brush, brush to clear the clumping.

    So over all, IMO, it's a good mascara, but no better than most mascara's that cost $20.00 or more.

    EDITTED to throw in some pics. After 3 applications it's looking better, more dramatic. But for $23.00, I don't want to have to apply my mascara 3 times lol.
  2. OH!!!! How sad!! I love that BIG ol wand...it works WONDERS on my eye lashes!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dior show!
  3. Can you late post some pics with the shu Umura mascara as well? Ide like to see the difference.

    See I like Diorshows large wand, i just hate the way, as you said, you need to actually brush it over and over again to get rid of the clumps , and then you end up with the lashes sticking to each other.
  4. I've got to say I was a little underwhelmed with it myself.
  5. Me too.
  6. i hate dior show. never understood all the raves. the wand can poke my eyeball out :noworry:
  7. Sure thing. Tomorrow I'll use the shu uemura instead. Or maybe If I'm bored later I'll take this off and use the shu uemura and take a few pics :amuse:
  8. RIGHT??? Seriously - kinda sucks I wasted $23.00 on this mascara when I could have just re-upped on the shu uemura. Have you tried it? It really is fabulous imo :biggrin:
  9. Either way your eyes look really pretty.:biggrin:
  10. Aww thank you!

    Instead of taking my makeup off and redoing it I found a picture of myself from last week and just cut my eyes out lol - I was wearing shu uemura fiber xtension:
  11. Good to know, I was going to try it:hrmm: I think I'll stick with my MAC mascara X. No clumps!
  12. although I like Dior Show, I do agree the wand is on the big (read awkward) side.

    Dior Maximeyes is worth trying though. :yes:

    I had high hopes for the Shu Uemura when I tried it (since I love their eyeshadows and such), but ended up tossing it.
  13. wow you have pretty eyes. and i agree the shu is better on your lashes.

    i was underwhelmed by dior show as well...it was less dramatic than my regular l'oreal voluminous and three times the price. :smile:
  14. Thank you! I keep hearing great things about the l'oreal voluminous - I should try it - I mean, it's worth a shot and saves money!!!

    Oh and icon LOVE - Jack Bauer is my GOD.
  15. Really? Wow - and I love it! I guess different strokes for different folks, literally! :P