diorshow mascara...i have seen the light!

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  1. thanks girls for pointing me in the right direction! I never liked spending on mascara because I thought it was too much to spend on something that can only be used for a season, but I tried diorshow waterproof and I love it! it curls my lashes without a eye lash curler! thanks all! for any of those whoa re on the fence, seriously, go try it!
  2. Aarti! Totally agree with you on this one! Love that stuff!
  3. I like Diorshow but IMHO Benefit BadGal lash and MAC Zoomlash are even better :smile:

    Can't go wrong with any of 'em though...its all about personal preference
  4. i just wish it didn't come in such a big bottle, i know iw ont be able to throw it away after 3 months, maybe 5.
  5. diorshow unlimited comes in a smaller bottle...but im not sure if it's waterproof or not.

    i too am a fan of diorshow, but chanel inimitable is growing on me.
  6. diorshow unlimited and diorshow blackout have smaller wands but still cost the same as regular diorshow. i've gone through about 6 tubes of diorshow now and i'm ready to try something new... i've heard really good things about awake and fiberwig so i'm going to those next.
  7. Is this really that amazing? I have to check it out.
  8. I used diorshow over a year ago + and didnt love it. The wand was just too big and messy b/c i already have long eyelashes. I absolutely love Dior Maxim Eyes tho, it does a really great job seperating and lifting my long lashes...:heart: it! I do think its been discontinued???
  9. love love love diorshow! Best mascara ever!
  10. Gotta love DiorShow! I'm wearing it now :smile: I used to use Maxfactor masterpiece max , It was amazing too but i'm loving diorshow atm but next i'm going to try Badgal by benefit since i hear good stuff about that one aswel :yes:
  11. Diorshow rocks! Makes you look like you're wearing false eyelashes.
  12. Which Diorshow is the best? The Unlimited or regular? I dont like waterproof mascaras.
  13. Does anyone have really oily skin? How well does it work?

    My eyes are so oily I make even most waterproof mascaras run and I look like I have racoon eyes. I haven't found one yet that will stay put on my skin...
  14. Love DiorShow!! I have it and DiorShow blackout (a more intense black, not as lengthening IMO but a fun alternative). Thanks to tPF I'm a believer!!
  15. Diorshow waterproof is great. It took a little while for me to get used to the huge brush but totally worth it!