Diorshow masara smell

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  1. I just bought Diorshow Mascara and I liked it, although I didn't like it as much as I though I would with all the hype. However, I love the smell of it. It is weird, I feel like it smells like a perfume?? Does anyone else notice this or am I just weird?!
  2. Yes it does smell. So much that I threw it out as soon as I opened it.
  3. it smells like mascara to me. But it works great, Im already on my second tube. I think its definitely a favorite
  4. ^ I've noticed it!
    I love the way Diorshow looks, but it irritates my eyes like crazy! Now that you mention it, it's probably the fragrance or whatever is in it that gives it that smell :sad:
  5. DiorShow has a very very slight rosewater smell to it. I cannot stand heavily fragranced makeup but this is so light it doesn't bother me.

    Now that you got me curious I had to smell my DiorShow blackout too. No smell at all.
  6. Yes it has a different smell to it. I'm not a fan of this mascara at all -- it does nothing for my lashes.
  7. ok, i just sniffed it and realized that I DO smell a fragrance. doesnt bother me though. lol
  8. i never noticed a smell before

  9. hehhee....... me aswell
  10. Yes, it smells like roses! I like it ;)
  11. I just looked at the box and it has fragrance parfum on the ingredients! how weird!
  12. The fragrance is pretty strong to me. I don't mind it. I'd rather smell that then chemicals. Blackout doesn't smell at all like some have said.
  13. When I was little my mom and grandma had this rose perfume and whenever I smell diorshow I think of it.
  14. honestly to me it always smells like a mixture of roses and dirt/mud. i have another high end mascara that smells like this, and the first few times i opened my tubes i found the fragrance odd (not really unpleasant) and a bit off-putting but i've actually come to enjoy/look forward to the smell in some weird way :shrugs:
  15. I've never noticed a smell, and I'm too lazy to go in the other room to sniff my mascara, but I will the next time I use it :p