DiorShow-Luv it but..

  1. I think I am applying it the wrong way. It looks great but a little bit clumpy. Can anyone here please share their routine, tips, or websites to get the full potential of this mascara? Thanks in advance
  2. i love DiorShow!!!
  3. scrape excess off before using:yes:
    First, sit at roots and wiggle your way to the end of the lashes.
  4. bumping this.:smile:
  5. In addition to what Swanky said, try combing thru your lashes with a lash comb between coats. I find Diorshow clumps also. I suggest Chanel Inimitable for clump free lashes.
  6. Diorshow is my fave mascara, but it def clumps. ITA with Swanky - that's the way to do it!
  7. DiorShow is a great mascara, but also check out Benefit Bad Gal Lash and MAC Zoomlash :smile:

    Dior Show is notorious for being really clumpy
  8. Oh, I've been so disappointed with this mascara - am going to try these tips for use, but it seems to offer much less than I expected . . .
  9. I dont have this expierence with diorshow. I use the waterproof one and it works sooooo well. No clump at all! I put like 4-5 coats and still clump free. But I do have to comb my lashes to seperate them, but not because they clumped.

    Hmmmm, you should try the waterproof one. Its better because by the end of the day, you wouldnt see any 'tinted' residue under your eyes. The mascara really stays put!
  10. ^YUP I totally agree w/ poppincourt....I use the waterproof one too, and NOTHING is under my eyes at the end of the day....Also, I apply it the way Swanky suggested...wipe off excess, start right at the lid and 'wiggle' slowly up to the end of the lashes....I love this stuff too :p
  11. I'm over DiorShow as well. I went back to Lancome.
  12. I haven't used DiorShow.. but I definitely recommend Shiseido's. It really lengthens and doesn't clump at all. Mine's starting to do it but only 'cause it's a little old by now lol must go beauty shopping!
  13. I did that and I still hated it.
  14. sounds like you need to find some new mascara;)
  15. I use DiorShow and you have to make sure that you don't let it dry in between coats as this will add to the clump factor!! I usually do one eye at a time.