Diorshow drying out?

  1. I've been using Diorshow for a while now.... I have noticed that it doesn't seem to stay "fresh" long. I've had this tube < 1 month and it seems to be drying out already and getting clumpy/goopy. Does anyone else notice this? I think it's too expensive to only get that much use from!

  2. yes, mine gets dry VERY quickly.
    I only use mine once/week because I like the waterproof version and don't need that everyday.
    Even just opening it once/week it gets dry before I can even make it halfway thorugh
  3. Same thing happened to me. I liked it the first couple of times I used it. Then I thought it got clumpy. I won't buy it anymore. It's a rip off.
  4. ^Yup..I noticed the same thing..I just got some more...but this will be my last tube..
  5. that sucks that diorshow quality is not as good anymore. that used to be my fav mascara but now i'm loving fiberwig, fresh supernova, and chanel inimitable
  6. Mine is drying out too...
    I did love it but now I just feel its a waste of $23!
  7. Hmm... I've been using Diorshow for years now and haven't noticed it drying out. Each tube lasts about 5 months for me when using on almost a daily basis. I've been using the waterproof formula and just switched to the regular formula a week ago. Will report back if I see a difference.
  8. I've only used the regular kind, so maybe that's the problem.
  9. I've got Diorshow Blackout & mines fine.. I've been using it atleast 3 months, only had to buy a new tube last week!
  10. I use waterproof and mine's all cakey and thick :sad:
  11. I've noticed this too, I use waterproof. The two first tubes I got dried out really fast, but the one I have now has lasted fairly long (since last spring)
  12. Are you all doing what I used to do and pump the applicator in and out before applying your mascara? That will guarantee your mascara will dry out.

    When I bought my first tube of Diorshow at Nordies, the SA told me to NEVER pump the applicator in and out. So I stopped doing that and ever since I have had no problem with my mascara drying out.
  13. I never buy waterproof because my eyes are really sensitive to it. I have the regular formula Diorshow and not only is it dried out in the tube, it flakes all over my face and gets in my eyes. It irritates the hell out of my contacts. I can't even wear it anymore.

    I've been wearing Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultrablack I like it much better. It creates a similar effect, but it doesn't dry out and flake like Dior. Plus it's made by Chanel, so it's very high quality, but it costs only half as much.
  14. no, I don't do that w/ any of my mascaras.
    I just unscrew it, pull it out and scrape off the excess.
  15. ^^really? They sell that line @ Ulta, yes?