Dior's Steven Robinson died

  1. Link: http://socialitelife.com/2007/04/06/steven_robinson_goes_to_the_great_big_fashion_house_in_the_sky.php

    Steven Robinson was found dead in his home in Paris.

    One of the masterminds behind the Dior line was a mere thirty-eight years old when he passed away on Wednesday.

    Early reports point to a fatal heart attack, but as yet nothing has been confirmed.

    The International Herald Tribune caught up with Stephen Jones who recently worked side by side with Steven.
    "He took John's kernel of an idea and made it reality - he was the huge engine and realiz-er at Galliano and very importantly at Dior."​
  2. sad news and oh so young may he rest in peace t4p
  3. Oh, that's so sad!! A heart attack at 38. So tragic. :sad:
  4. That's sad. Thoughts to his family.
  5. gosh 38, thats just too too bad :sad:
  6. How sad!
  7. that is so sad, the world is going to miss this man... :sad:
  8. 38?? sad!
  9. Rip.
  10. Very sad.
  11. How sad! RIP.
  12. How sad, 38, too young to die! RIP!
  13. How very sad.
  14. Wow how sad! :crybaby:
  15. very sad