Dior's newest Creative Director announced

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  1. Dior has chosen Maria Grazia Chiuri from the House of Valentino as it's newest couturiour.

    Here are some of her latest Haute Couture pieces from Valentino:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From WWD:
  2. Ooh!
  3. Interesting. What are your thoughts?
  4. Hmmm
  5. why?? :sad:
  6. Interesting...
  7. I think that this is exciting. Her Haute Couture goes to dreamy territory. The one thing I worry about is the fact that her designs sometimes look a bit more mature, which may be against the clientele that Dior has been seducing under Galliano and Raf Simons.
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  8. It seems like Maria was involved with Valentino's accessories. Do you think that few of the current Dior bag styles will be discontinued now that they have appointed Maria?
  9. She modern version of Galliano with minimalist look of Raf. Love her, and looking forward to see her first collection!
  10. Not at all. Dior's accessories are designed by an in-house team which is separate of the creative director. All of the bags that were produced when Raf Simons was the Creative Director were not made by him. The accessories were, of course, inspired by his collection ideas which he passed onto the accessories department when he started to create each new collection.

    The Diorissimo was made after Galliano's departure and before Raf came to Dior, but it is still being produced.
  11. Thanks AJ. Good to know. I'm really excited to see Maria's first collection. The more I read about her the more interested I become. :amuse:
  12. I'm excited. Generally, since Valentino was acquired by the royal house of Qatar, their styling felt a tad conservative but there was still a sensuality and femininity to the brand. Not as sensual as when Mr. Garavani was still in the reins but it was definitely there.
  13. Me too! I've been reading more about her since the news broke yesterday.
  14. I've always love Valentino's dresses! Thought they look really dreamt, flowly, romantic...well most of the time. Sure wish I could afford them! leather goods on the other hand, were too trendy and edgy. Then again, the rockstuds have been around for years!

    I can't wait to see what she brings to Dior!
  15. This is a very exciting move on the part of Dior...Think she will bring an interesting sensibility
    to Dior. We will just have to wait to see what the "reviews are"....