Dior's New Summer Play Dice Lip Gloss!

  1. I just bought this today and I had to share it with you ladies cos it's sooo pretty! :p

    My color's Street Tangerine. They've got another color callled Pink Essentials. :heart:

    It's just been released and I think it'll go fast! I'm attaching it to my one of my bags!:graucho:
  2. ah yes, very pretty!! i love Dior's little cosmetic trinkets!

    i remember the silver one they had awhile back.
  3. ooo pretty! I may have to buy it. Although my SO is not happy with my recent spending :sad: lol
  4. This is reallycute, Is it a limited edition?
  5. yup it is!
  6. cute!! i love Dior's little make up stuff.
  7. thats really cute, but isnt it abit of a rip off! they released one EXACTLY the same just over a year ago but the tie lace thing was black velvet!
    still, ill probably end up with one
  8. Ya i got the one you girls are talking about with the black velvet..i have never even used it, i don't know how to tie it to my bag.

    if any of you do it, could you post pics? i find it heavy so again, don't know where to hang it
  9. ive got the sivler one too... i usually always buy there little trinkets but now ive realised i need to stop as i dont really use them.. however i saw this in the airiport and its really cute
  10. I want to know too...(bought it as well:yahoo:)I can't seem to find a way to do it.I think it will fall...:push:
  11. Cute! I love anything and everything Dior!
  12. ive just had a look on my computer for pics of my dice on my speedy and i dont have any, however ill go take some tonight! i havent used the dice alot recently ive been using the heart charm!
  13. Yeah the one they released before was silver with black, this new one is a bronze colour with a goldy/bronze tie.
  14. i have one from last year.
    but i have this issue with dipping my finger in sticky gloss... i always have to carry a tiny lip brush just to put it on.
    and how do i tie it tightly on my bag?