Dior's NEW Diorshow Iconic Mascara!

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  1. Oh my there are so many new mascaras out right now. I don't know what to do! :nuts:

    Dior came out with a new high definition mascara called Iconic that is a Nordstrom exclusive available in store and online.

    Has anyone tried it? What do you think of it???

    Here is a little info on the new mascara:
    High-definition lash-curler mascara. Now, give your lashes fascinating, high-definition curves. The new fashion icon-inspired mascara and Dior's couture tradition. The secret weapon behind the most alluring eye looks created backstage for Dior's fashion shows and celebrity red carpet events. Imagine your lashes in high definition. Thicker, curvier, sexier than you've ever seen them before. A revolutionary mascara with a revolutionary trademarked new Oblique™ Brush inspired by the oblique fabric cut—the better to create curves on curves—first introduced by designer Christian Dior and celebrated by John Galliano. As iconic as the models and movie stars who love it. Diorshow Iconic Mascara is the latest in Dior's dazzling range of mascaras for every lash look in the book.

  2. I haven't tried the Iconic, but Diorshow is the best mascara available IMO!
  3. haven't tried it but will order it as I'm a mascara junkie and I already like the Diorshow, it's available on Sephora too
  4. i'm planning on trying it as soon as i get back from vacation :P
  5. Oohhh, I want to try it! I wonder if it will be released in the UK? I swear by Diorshow Blackout.
  6. Sounds hot, and although I absolutely LOVE the way that Diorshow and Blackout make my lashes look, they smear badly and I always have raccoon eyes no matter what.
  7. Im excited to try this outt!!!
  8. I wanna try this out... Personally, I don't like DiorShow's HUGE brush, this brush looks more manageable!
  9. JC, I knew you would be all over it! LOL you are the biggest mascara addict I know! :tup:

    Oh I didn't think that anyone but Nordstrom had it since it says's it is exclusive to Nordstrom on their website.


    But you are right it does look like sephora has it too!


    The brush seems similar to Chanel's new Exceptionnel mascara, so if I like that one, I may not get this.
  10. this mascara is amazing i have found a new must have! the bias brush grips the lashes in order to seperate and create that high definition look and the mico silica balls really do give you that thicker sexier lash look, i couldnt belive how long they looked and they looked really glossy too. its good to know this mascara cares for my lashes aswell the silk proteins and cocktail of nutrative ingredients promote lash growth. get down to your local debenhams store for a sample it launches on 25th and could be the new dior cult product. im hooked x
  11. I saw this in the Sephora catalog and definitely want to try it!!!
  12. i love it :tup:
  13. i need help! :shame:

    i just got back from a short vacay and the dior was waiting for me so i'll be testing it out tomorrow--and comparing it to the exceptionnel since i have that one too! :tup: and my new lancome oscillation...and my million others :Push:
  14. socal i know i'm ridiculously late with the photos but i thought better late than never :P





  15. JC2239, your lashes look INCREDIBLE!!! I have got to buy that mascara! Thank you for the pics :tup: