Dior's First Lady! Maria Grazia Chiuri hired as artistic director of Christian Dior

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  1. #1 Jul 8, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2016
    It's officially announced by Dior y'all! Maria is coming to Dior! I am super excited to see what she has in store for the house, I think she has potential to make an even bigger impact than Raf Simons. She is super talented. I am so excited to see more women taking over the design industry. Praying she brings the house to a hopeful future. Ever since Galliano was fired it has been a rocky road for Dior.

    It's awesome she finally got the job because Dior actually considered hiring her 20 years ago but ultimately gave the position to John Galliano because Anna Wintour convinced them to hire Galliano.

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  2. What surprises me is that she actually will have a big influence on accessories, based on her super-successful stint at Valentino as accessories designer (she and her partner were behind the Rockstud collection) before being promoted to Co-Creative Director.

    Sydney Toledano, President and CEO of Dior, announced that Dior will be different under Chiuri's direction.

    (from Business of Fashion: https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/news-analysis/sidney-toledano-maria-grazia-chiuri-talk-about-new-dior)

    What does this mean for the current accessories collections? The Lady Dior will always be around, of course. I am anticipating exciting new styles that will become as iconic as the Rockstud collection for Valentino.

    Chiuri's appointment appears to solve the problem that caused Raf (and to some extent, Galliano's) departure from Dior: The creative exhaustion of having to manage two labels. Chiuri, unlike her Dior predecessors, does not have her own label. As well, she is well-versed in the workings of an atelier and the tune of creating so many women's collections a year.
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  3. Glad that Dior appointed Chiuri after months of scouting for a new creative director. Hope that the management will be able to extent to her more influence on the direction of the brand, campaign, store design. I'm really excited to see her first collection for Dior! (Could it be the upcoming SS 17?:angel:)
  4. I think store design isn't part of her portfolio. It is largely Peter Marino's (celebrity architect who is also responsible for a list of other luxury labels' boutiques like Chanel and Hublot), with the current vision of the house (largely dictated by Sidney Toledano and Bernard Arnault). Who knows. Maybe she will influence it, but in a few years time, as Dior's boutiques are years in the making and the ones slated to open within the next few years are already in their plannings stages.
  5. Yes I agree. Maria will be able to dedicate all of her time and energy into Dior. She is the perfect fit. Her couture creations at Valentino were so beautiful and dreamy so I think she will be able to take over Dior with ease. She has so much talent and experience.

    I'm hoping for new awesome accessories too. I'm super excited. We all better start saving up! Lol
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  6. This article from New York Times gives more insight into the hiring of Maria Grazia Chiuri. Apparently she had expressed interest in working for Dior 20 years ago!


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  8. LOVED this article!!! thanks so much for posting it! I am super duper excited to see her work for Dior. I'm surprised she got store design too! This is going to be very interesting. I think a lot of brands need to update their store designs...Dior and LV are definitely 2 of them. My favorite stores are probably Celine, Goyard, and Valextra.
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  9. I actually like Dior's store designs the most of all the brands. They have so many mirrors inside, like the famous Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, but done with so many variations of Dior's grey.

    This is something I hope won't change under Maria Graza Chiuri.
  10. Wow those are nice! The stores near me look nothing like this so I assumed they all were the same. My fault.
  11. Dior is in the process of renovating older boutiques, but it takes time as the renovations themselves spare no expense when it comes to luxurious interior fixtures and artist-commissioned pieces. The time also factors into spreading the renovations of different boutiques over different years so that they aren't all renovated at once (or else Dior's operating expenses would rise dramatically), which may be why the boutiques in your area have not been renovated yet. Sidney Toledano, the CEO of Dior, invests heavily into boutique design as he thinks that the Dior experience is the most important when establishing relationships with their new and returning customers. So you should expect to see changes to your local boutiques, especially flagship stores, in the near future.

    Speaking of renovations, the original and famous 30 Avenue Montaigne boutique is set for another major renovation to prepare Dior for its 70th anniversary. The last time it was renovated was 10 years ago, for its 60th anniversary, and Peter Marino's architectural designs for Dior have changed significantly over these years.
  12. Dior made a very smart pick with this visionary designer & she will undoubtedly bring much to the house of Dior..
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  13. I can't wait to see her first collection!
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  14. Thanks for the info! I had no idea. I'm hoping to see the new interiors of stores near me. I understand it's going to take a VERY long time. The 60th anniversary celebrations at Dior were amazing. I remember watching Galliano's 60th anniversary Haute Couture collection somewhere online it was super awesome. Hoping to see exciting stuff for the 70th!
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  15. I remember those shows as well. Absolutely exquisite! My favourite collection of all time is the Madame Butterfly Haute Couture presentation that year.