Dior's Fairytale Inspiration - Midnight Poison Muse A Contemporary Cinderella (VIDEO)

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  5. dont like the music that comes with the video but the ad is amazing...:tender:
  6. Wow!!!
    I love that gown and the whole commercial!!!!
    Very fantasy, very grand and very Galliano!
  7. I love the ad and the commercial, but I smelled the perfume the other day and didn't like it. :sad: Shame, cause it's such a nice campaign...
  8. Great ad, I have to try this perfume.

    Loved pure poison so am very curious about this one.
  9. I can't hear the music as I'm at work but I love the ad! And that dress, oh Galliano, would you make my weddingdress when I get married some day??:yes::angel:

    I actually didn't like the Midnight Poison that much.. I got one of those test-size perfumes with my magazine, and I disappointed. It's maybe too... I don't know what, but I didn't like it. And I usually love Dior's perfumes. :sad: But maybe I'll just wear those old ones :yes: (favorite: Dior Addict:heart:)

  10. omg Dior Addict is my number one too ! :yahoo:
  11. I have to say you have an excellent taste! :okay:;)