Dior's Collection Of Handbags For Spring 2007, Shown At Paris Fashion Week

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    Dior's collection for Spring 2007, recently shown at the Paris Fashion Week was pretty disappointing, I must say. There were no new Gauchos or anything exciting, instead we were lumped with these rather plain looking doctor bags. They are a fairly nice design, admittedly, but I hope they release them in a range of different colours, these browns and creams are rather...Boring, dare I say it.
  2. i guess after the gaucho, it's quite hard to top that. as an acquaintance lamented, the s/s 07 bags look, primal. i'm still sitting on the fence about it, although i'd say it's growing with each time i see it. the clutches are really cute though, but i think the gaucho clutches from the cruise collection are much better.

    i wouldn't say it's boring though, but i can see how the design itself might not sit well with everyone. the shoes are pretty gorgeous though!

  3. the doctor bag looks pretty boring but the clutches are tummy ...green one here i come !:yahoo:
  4. lol YUMMY i meant:roflmfao:
  5. OT - Natalia, I love your avatar! Is that your new shoes? :heart: :drool:
  6. Thanks for posting Prada. I was actually eyeing the yellow ostrich one. I'd like to see it IRL first and of course the price, then we'll see....

    They are a bit hmmm uninspiring? Not atrocious at all, I think LV's spring bags take the crown (sorry to LV fans, but a laundry bag? MJ is a bit off his rocker IMHO) but not something that you get excited about and get your name on the waiting list. Hopefully this is not just the line we'll have for spring, if not, well, I'm sure my wallet will welcome the break.

  7. god i wish !!!! they are called Egypt ( anything to do with the limited saddle ? :confused1: ) and i soooo wanted them but the sizes avalable on eBay were only 39 and 40 ( hmm 7 and 8 ? ) and i wear 38 so there was no point ....:sad: :sad: :sad:

    i was SOOOO angry !

  8. Your Welcome Chrystaline :heart:

    I agree, there didnt seem to be anything new or exciting with their bags , but their shoes.......
  9. Im new to this forum, but i really love those clutches!!!! Agreed that those doctor bags look semi generic, but the clutches, i really like!
  10. :cutesy: oh i love this new line. they're pretty!!!
  11. That's not so beautiful bag for me but the clutchs are nice.
  12. Here are some more pics of the new stuff due to come out for Dior in about a month's time:

    Sand evening wristlet

    Mesh and Crusade flat sandle

    Green Crocodile platform pump

    Pink patent-leather Miss Dior platform pump
  13. [​IMG]
    Gold Leather Miss Dior peep-toe platform pump
  14. [​IMG]
    Mesh and Suede Crusade bootie

    Green stingray-and-nubuck shoulder bag (STINGRAY SKIN?!?!!??! WOW!)

    Green Crocodile handbag

    Silver Miss Dior Platform peep-toe pump
  15. All all the things I posted I love the mesh and suede bootie and the gold leather platform pumps the most. The pumps are a bit plain, though...I'm used to elaborate ornamentation on the tops of Dior's shoes.