Diorrisimo Multi Pocket Hobo? -or- My Dior Large Pockets Bag?

  1. [​IMG]
    My Dior Large Pockets Bag


    Diorrisimo Multi Pocket Hobo


    Which one should I get??? :nuts:
  2. hmmm....both ?:nuts:

    but jokes ahead when do you think would u use that bag most ? hobo is more of a relaxed bag to me, less elegant as well , not meaning anything wrong by that , just more casual :smile: would that be like an everyday bag that u drag along with u everywhere and need plenty of stuff in there ? i would choose basing on my everyday clothes style then ...:yes:
  3. I'd choose the My Dior bag because I think it's so beautiful! I agree with Nat about the more relaxed (and therefore more casual) look of the Diorissimo, but the My Dior is SO nice!
  4. i agree with nat and may (hah jumping on the bandwagon). practical/everyday use, i'd vote for the diorissimo. but if it's gorgeousssss OMG CHECK THAT BAG OUT sort of thing you're looking for, the my dior bag hands down. i saw them IRL and it took my breath away. they were really that beautiful (esp since i wasn't a big fan of the original my diors that were non-monogrammed)
  5. I have the hobo in black, love it for everyday, lots of compliments!!!
  6. My Dior.
  7. My Dior...so pretty.
  8. You might want to consider the weight of each bag especially they are big and you will be filling it with stuff -- can get heavy.

    -- get the one that your boyfriend would carry!! :p
  9. The My Dior is My Vote! I'm getting that myself this Spring. I want the medium, the one on Diabro has smaller dimensions than the tan/orange leather one on eLUXURY, and I'm ALL on that.
  10. My Dior :yes:
  11. My dior :wlae:
  12. i have the multi pocket in pink, bought it over the summer and only used it twice. I would go with the My Dior large pocket, looks stunning.
  13. My dior is great!
  14. the Diorrissimo Multipocket Hobo is really lovely IRL! but between the two, id choose the My Dior..id want one too!!! :drool:
  15. wow this is hard to choose I like both!! Buy both:yahoo: