1. hi ladies, i recently was browsing a local fashion magazine and spotted an advert for the new diorlight. seems like a pretty cute accessory (like the diorplay lip gloss dice) to have, just wondering if anyone has seen it in real life yet (or if anyone already owns one)?

    anyway here's the product on NM:

    and here are pictures of it i took from the local magazine:
    IMG_1032.jpg IMG_1035.jpg IMG_1036.jpg IMG_1037.jpg
  2. OMG, I LOVE it. It looks so pretty. I have the Diorplay lipgloss dice thing, but it looks like I'm going to be getting this too!
  3. oh my nerd! Love it....I have all the dior gloss trinkets...but I don't know if I can part with 90 bucks for this one. Sooooo pretty must...get...out...of this thread.
  4. ok i NEED that ...i wonder if it will be in duty free shops in two weeks ....:graucho:
  5. hehehe, nat, DON'T buy it. i'm telling you. DON'T.
    coz santa told me you've been a good girl this year and y'know....

    p/s i regularly get 20% off beauty products at the duty-free shop here, so again, y'know.... :graucho:;) i'm telling you, DO NOT get this thing (unless you like them in twos or threes or fours or so many that you can hang em all on a christmas tree like those baubles decoration)
  6. Oh that's so pretty! Dior always comes out with the cutest accessories!
  7. That's so cute! I don't know if I would spend $90 on it though.
  8. :tender:This is too cute!!

    Is it already out at Neiman's??

  9. Ok i wont !!!!:yahoo::heart: but then on the other hand OMG i can totally picture myself dressed in Wilhelminas clothes decorating my xmas tree in that Dior lip gloss only...so who knows ...:graucho:

    PS. your post couldnt have come in a better moment, luv ya girl...:heart:
  10. Wow! I love love love that!! :biggrin:
  11. this is so pretty!
    I would really love one....
    thanks for posting it, Zero!!
  12. yup, i reckon it should be out at neiman's. otherwise you can order it from their site since it's available there. there's a couple of them floating around on eBay too..
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: absolutely can see you doing that! there's a christmas episode in there and there's a scene where either marc or wilhelmina adjusts a dangling shoe decoration on the christmas tree in her room. i think you'd love that tree with its decor. ;)
  14. Mighty cute, i think i'll get it before my work christmas party. Now i gotta stalk down who carries it and who'll ship international.

  15. ha ! i saw that episode yesterday i am catching up quickly :yahoo:!

    mmmm Diorlight xmas tree cant stop thinking about it ...:love: