1. I think it's already been established previously that because of the leather interior and for some the use of calfskin leather, the bag is rather heavy. I find that designer bags that have leather interior linings tend to be heavy
  2. Ive purchased this gorgeous blue in Prague it was 3100€ before tax, the coulour is a lil bit lighter than in this pic and it has a beautiful baby pink interior ))
  3. I just bought the Bois de Rose bag in Paris. The leather is so beautiful and pictures don't do the bag color justice. I've only taken her out once but she is definitely comfortable hand held and also with the shoulder strap.
  4. Two new colors for fall! This gorgeous bright yellow with fuchsia interior and a tricolor Diorissimo (actual exterior color is beige like in the 3rd photo, royal blue interior, red handles and strap). I'm thinking about getting the tri color!
    image-2262225533.jpg image-2422142604.jpg image-473809705.jpg
  5. photos! :d
  6. Wow that is a nice take on tri-colour. The yellow looks really nice, too!

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures!
  7. Saw the tri-colour 2 days ago! It was already been booked by a lucky lady.

    And I am in love with the grey (colour code: 821)! Too bad it is out of my price range! :sad:

    Also heard from the SA that its not yet launched yet in Singapore, only in October. But there is a display of it and only upon request that you get to see the other colours.
  8. Help! I carried my Diorissimo in Bois De Rose for a few days and I noticed some color transfer on one corner and the handles :sad: I'm so sad! There's like a dark line on the edges of the handles and its bothering me a lot. I've tried using baby wipes and a tiny bit of Meltonian All Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner. I feel like the darkness has faded a little bit but its still there.

    Any ideas what other products I could use to remove the stains? Ahhh this is why I avoid light colored bags. I just couldn't resist this one it is so pretty </3
  9. I really want to get my mum something like this for christmas. Its gorgeous
  10. I have a leather cleaner which I use which I think is great. You dab a little on a lint-free cloth and gently scrub at the cloth with your fingernail on top of the cloth. The spot will appear darker (like the leather has been soaked through), but after you've cleaned it, let the bag air dry and it will look brand new.

    Because your Diorissimo is make of calfskin or lambskin leather, it's best not to use baby wipes on it because the chemicals from the baby wipes can actually ruin the leather. ALWAYS use a leather cleaner when cleaning leather because any other substance could possibly make it worse. Here's message I posted about cleaning leather products, it's a mild product and any other leather cleaner you can get will also work. Just go to your nearest shoe store and ask for a recommended leather cleaner:

  11. michi_chi; Thank you so much for the advice! Fortunately I used the baby wipes on a very small corner *phew* I will look into the product you have mentioned in the other thread :tup:
  12. Baby wipes work best on pre-washed leathers like the Gaucho (which have previously been exposed to water). Otherwise, avoid any contact with water (and water-based products like baby wipes) or it may cause the surface of the leather to change.
  13. averagejoe; yikes! Thanks for the clarification >_< I'm so glad I didn't use them on the handles
  14. i LOVE the one on the right in the last pic!!
  15. does anyone know how much the ostrich and crocodile diorissimo bags cost??? they are out of this world gorgeous :heart: