1. Thank you!!;)
  2. Thank you...its a treasure...!
  3. I purchased the black diorissimo
    But also found this light blue jean Color which was gorgeous too
    Just thought I'd share the pic


  4. Thank you for sharing these pictures! The blue is gorgeous, but not as stunning as the black with the contrast purple lining.
  5. Wow I LOVE that blue colour, especially on the grained calfskin!
  6. The color I saw was the purple one, but they do mentioned that they have so many different colors! :smile:

    I didn't see any tricolor lady dior though, only the new season lady diors such as hot pink and hot purple :smile: Hope this helps.
  7. thank you babe!! still haven't got the chance to pop in to look. i am eyeing a red diorissimo, but not sure when will she come in.
  8. I got mine today in beige with pink interior! Here in Brazil the prices usually are higher than any other store in the world... it was USD 5300
  9. Welcome to the world of Dior. :smile:
  10. Does anyone the price from that bag in London? Thank you !:ty:
    Love it
  11. Does anyone know the measurements of the small, medium, and large sizes of the Diorissimo? It's not on their website from what I could tell. Thanks so much.
  12. The SA roughly measure the medium size for me, around 39cm in width and 28cm in height.

    I purchased it for the purpose of a laptop bag, and it fits my older model of 15 inch Macbook pro perfectly and I can still close the bag with the button. Hope this helps! ;)
  13. Yes, the measurements help a lot. Thank you.
    Just wondering now if they'll lower the price in the US since the euro is down so much, but it's probably only wishful thinking on my part.
  14. Is it me, or is this a heavy bag?