1. This is a STUNNING purple. WOW, gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  2. I bought the small size Diorissimo in Bois De Rose with purple lining :love: the small size is very chic and fits my petite frame perfectly (I'm 5'2). I was initially going for the medium size but I decided to get the small one. The strap makes it even more perfect! very classy bag..

    Cost about $3,900 in USD from the Abu Dhabi Boutique.
  3. Wow the price isn't as high as I thought!

    Please share pictures with us!!! :biggrin:
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    Hi Serrazane

    Thank you!!!

    These are the pictures of the insides! it was a wonderful combination...:smile:





    and an excerpt from the catalogue.

  5. That hardware is absolutely STUNNING! Surprised that the wallets interior is very Vuitton's Insolite-esque
  6. I agree! The craftsmanship looks superior.

    I also love how the charms are uniquely Diorissimo so they match the bag.
  7. i know i wish all the dior charms where in that style!! so elegant!!
  8. Hi Ladies, First Post!

    I created my account today because I finally decided to stop lurking start posting !

    In regards to the Diorissimo, I got mine last week, it's in Bull Leather, which gives it an ultra-durable finish.

    I want to post pictures and show the bag and a few other diors in my collection, but I need to make 10 posts first before starring a thread!!
  9. This wallet looks incredible. I sent a message to my SA in NY but have not heard anything. Do you know cost?
  10. My god that is an incredible purple! What is the color inside?
    Btw I was pretty afraid of the scratches until I actually took my diorissimo on a trip. It survived five harsh days and I found no scratch, even though I had to squeeze it in the airplane and throw everything-cameras, water bottles, keys,etc-in when I walked around.
    One problem my SA addressed to me was color transfer. So far I've been careful so I don't know how bad it can be. But he said because the leather is untreated and is porous, it will be prone to color transfer, like a sponge that absorbs.
  11. Hi Tegan, the price of the wallet is 650 euros ! :smile:
  12. Hey thanks for the awesome pics! Georgeous! Like what hightea_xx mentions, it does remind me of the Insolite, which I love too. :biggrin: Congrats once again. Love love the colors.
  13. When I went to Dior boutique at ION singapore, the SA kindly showed me the diorissimo, and while I was waiting for him taking the diorissimo I was requested, he let me watch this video! FAB :smile:
  14. Hi!! May i know what are the colors of diorisimo in Singapore at the moment? Did you see a tricolor lady dior? Sorry digressing a lil. :p
  15. What a beautiful wallet. :tup: