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  1. What about the new Diorissimo bag? I can't get it out of my head:smile: It is not listed on the official website and I haven't seen it at my local Dior store yet.
    Any idea Anybody? Some members posted a reveal of theirs so I guess it's available in some countries....I wonder what the price would be?
  2. I want to know this too!! I'm already seeking all the pictures/information I can on it - I just love the slouchy look of it with the shoulder strap. I read somewhere (I think on tPF) that the price is definitely more than the Lady Dior - maybe someone could confirm/deny this?

    From Dior Mag, not a lot of information but a lovely read:

    Those who're already familiar with it can consider themselves among the ultra privileged. The reason being that the Diorissimo bag, the house's newest offspring, entered the world beneath a veil of exclusivity. Its immutably-shaped personality is immune to compromise and, for its launch, it preferred the route of intimate introductions: when one is called Diorissimo, it's not up to one to make the first move. It's not due to shyness that it remained hidden for its first few months of existence. No display in the stores, not until early March; a few clients were the only ones lucky enough to gain, secretly, first access to this inimitable new item.

    "Hello, my name is Diorissimo, please come and meet me in private", the bag suggested. It has been necessary, putting it bluntly, to almost be a family member in order to be among the happy few who have experienced this special opportunity because, let's face it, Diorissimo is a luxury intended for the initiated. "A bag for daily use should be simple and elegant," Christian Dior declared. Producing one necessitates the highest levels of savoir-faire. Little hammer taps, absorbed by the softness of the leather, are performed to even out the joins between the various parts. The leather pieces are smoothed down then colored by hand for perfect tonal uniformity. A saddle stitcher assembles the skins together with the utmost precision. The charms are galvanized in very special baths. And inside each bag, concealed from prying eyes, "Christian Dior Paris" is discreetly hot-stamped. In lilac, mink gray, beige, taupe, stone, dark purple, sky blue, earth, Caribbean blue, mandarine, dusky pink, it's a color story steeped in subtlety. As beautiful on the inside as on the outside. Lest it wasn't clear, this is more than just a handbag. It's a companion for your everyday.
  3. As has already been posted a few times on the forum, the Diorissimo is not displayed on shelves in boutiques but may be viewed on request/by appointment. This is how it is sold currently before its official launch, which is tentatively in June. As the premium leather line from Dior, its price positioning is higher than the Lady Dior and Miss Dior.
  4. I saw a medium one in black (outside) and pink (inside) the other day in my local boutique and it's priced at $4200. Not very impressive to me since it's a bit plain (like many people's plain tote for daytime use). However, it's true that it still has the Dior craftmanship but not sure whether it's worth that much.:smile: Well, some people may like it though.
  5. price for Diorissimo bag: small $3700 medium $4200 large $4700
  6. Wonderful video! Thank you for posting it ruktam!!

  7. sure thing!

    the bag is really amazing! I've seen it in person and it is so stunning, the leather is actually a bit matted and really think, so I am deciding of which color to get now as the order took 4-6 weeks//
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    Last edited: May 2, 2012
    I totally agree with you that the shape looks very much like Prada saffino from distance, but I've to admit that the very first time I saw it, the bag looks so stunning and from some reason I can tell straight away that it is the Diorissimo, It is like a love at first sight in the restaurant :P:P
  9. my friend just bought this bag in navy with light pink lining and it is marvelous! I want to get one myself.. it is indeed very similar to the Prada Saffiano, very classy and elegant IMO =)
  10. I saw it twice, once on a lady going out of Dior building at night haha
    What Im most interested in is its durability... Its so beautiful, wondering- is it avaliable in python?
  11. Stunning beautiful! But the leather seems to be delicate tho.
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