Diorissimo ?

  1. This is my first post on the purse forum, and I just bought my first Dior handbag. My husband and I were in Las Vegas last week, and I was carrying around my large Louis Vuitton handbag and we decided I needed to find something lighter to carry around just my wallet, camera and cell phone while travelling.

    We looked everywhere for a small messenger bag that goes over the head and across the shoulder and Louis Vuitton had some but I have a few louis Vuitton purses so we wanted to find something I've never owned.

    We went in to the Dior store at the Bellagio Forum Shops, and they had some very cute messenger bags for sale 30% off but they were still a bit small for what I needed to put in the bag during travelling.

    So the lady went to the back and came back with a slightly larger messenger type bag. It has a big Dior metal plate on the frontside and the serial number is 00-RU-0096

    I've looked all about on this forum, eBay and eluxury and can't find this same bag. It retailed for a little over $500.

    Any idea what year this came out and why she may have gotten it from the back of the store.

    It has the same look as the Pink Diorssimo Square Wallet. I havent taken any photos of it yet.

    Thanks and sorry for the long story.
  2. hello and welcome to tPF! the serial number gives you the month and year of production, your bag has 0096 so it was produced in September 2006 - i suppose thats why SA brought it from the back of the store, being an older line and all.

    congrats on your new Dior we will be delighted to see some pics! :drool:
  3. Thank you for the reply. She had it in a few colors as well.
    The one I almost got was the Dior Mini Jaquard Pouch but only my camera fit in that one so thats when she said she had some in the back. I love the way it looks and its my first "casual" type of bag