Diorissimo (pictures only)

  1. Name: Diorissimo

    Year (season): 2012 (Cruise)

    Characteristics: Haute craftsmanship with exceptional attention to detail, the Diorissimo bag features luxurious lambskin lining in a contrasting colour, and leather piping to accentuate its clean lines and minimalist silhouette.
    Dior Diorissimo beige.jpg Dior Diorissimo black.jpg Dior Diorissimo Caribbean Blue.jpg Dior Diorissimo dark blue.jpg Dior Diorissimo mauve.jpg Dior Diorissimo pink.jpg
  2. The Diorissimo comes with a detachable strap.
  3. [​IMG]
    11.jpg stretch cotton gabardine shorts; Diorissimo bag in Beige smooth calfskin and Rose Indien inside..jpg
  4. I purchased the black diorissimo
    But also found this light blue jean Color which was gorgeous too
    Just thought I'd share the pic

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    image-149319500.jpg image-2254073122.jpg
  5. Two new colors for fall! This gorgeous bright yellow with fuchsia interior and a tricolor Diorissimo (actual exterior color is beige like in the 3rd photo, royal blue interior, red handles and strap). I'm thinking about getting the tri color!
    image-2262225533.jpg image-2422142604.jpg image-473809705.jpg
  6. For dinner with my hubs and son :smile:
  7. Got the gold diorissimo in medium size 😀
    image-146903568.jpg image-1346633714.jpg image-2012798531.jpg image-3180179881.jpg image-1390360250.jpg image-1115783398.jpg
  8. sorry, I am pretty bad with computers and converting pics. here is mine, small size, grained leather black, comes with a little pouch and shoulder strap.2450 pounds in dior boutique sloane street. I took some approximate measures 32cm length x 35 cm (hight with handles) and 12 cm width. it's not too heavy. But it is also not a very light bag. But since it's a very high quality bag with bag charms etc , it can't be as light as a celine tote or a neverful. It's very easy to carry with the shoulder strap and very comfortable. Hope this helps. Btw I prefer this bag over kelly because I am always feeling very grown up with a kelly and this bag looks very young and fresh. And it's also handcraft made. This is just my opinion. Hope this girls. Have fun :smile: I love my bag.
    IMG_1422 neu.jpg IMG_1431 neu.jpg Untitled neu 2.jpg
  9. Hi everyone. I'd like to share this new addition to my diorissimo collection. It was love at the first sight when I saw it in the diormag. but I never thought I'd be that lucky to actually bump into it in the boutique. (I was on my way to get a lady dior or a miss dior that day, but this beauty just came and all plans were postponed. )
    So I got it around Christmas time. a sweet treat for myself :cool:
  10. Some of diorissimo large in dior boutique, jakarta
    diorissimo 002.jpg diorissimo 001.jpg IMG_3581 (NXPowerLite).jpg IMG-20120808-WA002.jpg
  11. Here the photo for my small Diorissimo in black.
  12. I also just got the same bag in black, but ur hardware looks silver? Mine is in champagne gold

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  13. image-368231236.jpg
  14. image-578237178.jpg
  15. Just purchased this beautiful gorgeous bag, fell in love with the color :heart::heart:

    Presenting my first Dior in carmin red and gris gray inner lining. :woohoo::happydance:

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    Under the light, the color is a bit pinkish.
    image-777956117.jpg image-2458024522.jpg image-1204841253.jpg