Diorissimo - how well/tight does it close up?

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  1. Hi, and thank you SO MUCH for all the amazing pictures you are sharing! :hbeat:

    I'm currently in agony on the bag front, and I hope you can help. I've been on extended maternity leave and am now heading back into the workforce (i.e. I MUST carry macbook air of 11" or 13") But... with my Chanel 225 and WOC....? No, I need something proper, that fits a laptop. I have other bags (LVs, Smythson, Gucci) but nothing that feels or works right. (PS, I'm moving from Europe to west-coast US, so I'll be more car-bound, I guess. So heavy bags might be ok. In Europe we walk :smile: I've been dreaming about a Diorissimo in medium in black, the sturdier of the leathers (sorry, I'm new to Dior, don't know what it's called).

    Now to my question: heaviness aside, what is Diorissimo medium like at the opening? Does it feel like it's "closed" or is it just like a "Neverfull plus"? It's hard to see on pictures because it seems like people generally keep it unbuttoned (which is a good sign :smile: But if you wanna close it..

    Thank you!
  2. I don't think I will answer your question, but just a small comment
    I love my diorissimos and the closure doesn't bother me because where I live there is no pocket picking and you can walk all day with your wallet hanging out of your handbag, no one will take it.
    But when I go to south Europe for summer, I don't take them with me. I take the bags with zippers which I can wear cross body. (I'm even thinking of buying a fanny pack after my favourite dior was stolen there last year)
  3. Thanks for your reply Sheikha! I like the ease of use with open bags too, but there's just something so satisfying with knowing nothing can fall out (if it tips over in the car for example). I will go check in a boutique myself as soon as I have the opportunity, but that is weeks away so am trying to find out what I can in advance. It's such a gorgeous bag!
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    I would say, the button is tight enough to keep your stuff inside but not to keep away thieves
  5. The magnetic snap is tight, and if you carry near your body it's quite safe because the oval rings on the handles are in the way if somebody wants to slip their hand it and you will notice it. However it doesn't take a lot of effort for a professional thief even if it's a full zipper closure.
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    If you are concerned about safety in terms of thievery I agree with Smudleybear that a professional will steal from you regardless.

    If you are concerned about the security for day to day I actually find it quite firm and sometimes I really need to tug at mine to open it up so it is quite secure in that respect. Also the side buttons can be used to close up the opening so it is more secure.

    However for a laptop you will probably want to go to the Large as the medium is not that big to be honest. The dimensions are more appropriate for a regular sized IPad (not mini or pro).


    Adding photos for reference

    With a apple 13 inch I think. The magnets scratch up side the top and bottom and they are also probably not good for the computer!

    Closed with the sides closed up

    Closed with the sides open
  7. Ah great, thank you. I try not to worry too much about thieves. (Only if I put my bag somewhere where I don't see it! Then the whole thing might soon be gone..)
  8. Good points. (And I probably should take more care in public places.) But for me, I think the biggest risk is that I just spill stuff out. I kind of spread myself out, putting my items here and there, and that's why I like closing up a bag properly, so I don't have to worry about it :smile:
  9. Thank you so much for these photos!! I've been trying to find a picture of a medium with a computer inside, but not succeeding. :ty:

    I was actually thinking about getting an 11" macbook air if I get this bag, since I realized 13" would be a tight fit (actually – I didn't think it would go in there at all!) But perhaps 11" is too much of a squeeze too. If anyone is using a medium with an 11" macbook I'd love to know how/if it fits!

    The large Diorissimo looks great too of course, but I'm afraid it would just be too heavy (not least with all the extra stuff that would probably end up in there :biggrin: ) Also, I'm pretty small myself.


  10. You might want to check out the Dior Ultra bag it might be more suited for what you're looking for?
  11. Have you considered the new Diorissimo Light? (see photos below from SmudleyBear)

    The top is zippered which can help you secure your belongings. The leather is thinner than the original Diorissimo, but the bag is also substantially lighter.


    If you're looking for a bag with the grained bullcalf (taurillon) leather that has a secure closure, then go for the Be Dior. I absolutely adore that bag.

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  12. Really pretty bag! Am trying not to get yet another one with chain straps though (for sake of variation :smile: but will definitely look at it in the boutique. Nothing is like seeing/trying on irl!
  13. Ooh, that's an interesting bag! Especially in that lovely blue! Thanks averagejoe, I must look at that too.

    Be Dior was actually the bag I dreamt of before Diorissimo, but I decided that the with the handle being attached to the flap it wouldn't allow for carrying much weight without risking the leather going wonky (when using the top handle). But maybe I am wrong?

  14. The Be Dior flap won't get warped that easily. There is a reinforcement structure built into the flap to prevent the tug of the handles from warping it.

    However, if you carry a lot of weight in it, then it may run the risk of starting to get tugged. But that isn't just bad for the flap. It's also bad on the base of the bag and on your shoulder.