Diorissimo flat pouch 'fluorescent' leather

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  1. I'd be very grateful for advice on what Dior mean when they describe a leather as 'fluorescent'; I have been searching for a wallet/pouch to go with my Hermes Double Sens in Ruby and Bougainvillea.

    The Dior website shows a delightful Diorissimo pouch in Cherry and Goji, and I would buy it immediately were it not for the fact that they describe the Goji as 'fluorescent'. Can anyone tell me whether it really is fluorescent, or whether it's simply a very bright shade?

    Many thanks in advance :smile:

  2. You can see the Goji here, the first 1 from the Top. So I'd say its a very bright coral/pink-ish shade.

    Plus I happened to try the Cherry DIOREVER today :smile: its super pretty Fuchsia Pink.
  3. Would you be able to go into a store to see it in person? That would probably be the safest route to go. I haven't seen the exact item you've mentioned, but I looked at a wallet in that same shade and it was brighter and more neon than I expected compared to photos my SA had sent me. It's hard for photos to capture that which is why I asked if you could see it in person. It's a very pretty pink, not crazy fluorescent, reminded me of the highlighter fluid I would use in my school days if you know what I'm talking about.
  4. [​IMG]

    Here's a picture of the wallet, it's the top one. A little brighter in real life. Hope that helps!
  5. That's very kind! I've decided to buy it online since I just don't have energy to hike around the boutiques, and under EU law I have two weeks to return it if it turns out to clash with the Double Sens.

    I'm hoping it won't !

  6. Hope you love it when it arrives!
  7. Thank you; so do I :smile:
  8. Well, Dior has sent me my invoice to confirm its been shipped, and now I'm getting really excited about it. I'm hoping that the colours will work, and the leather should also be a close match; they are both bull calf skin :wondering
  9. And my excitement builds, even though England really does need to get more glamourous place names: the clutch's last port of call in France was at Chilly-Mazarin, which is pretty cool, but now it has arrived in England, at Tamworth.

    I think we can probably agree that, as place names go, Tamworth doesn't exactly conjure up the sophisticated images one expects from Dior. However, it's due to be delivered tomorrow so I will know whether it works or not :smile:
  10. Wow that was fast! Excited for you :smile:
  11. Thank you so much for your good wishes! I'm in England so shipping from France is pretty quick, but they are due to deliver by the end of tomorrow, so I suppose that could mean at 10 pm.

    I'm hugely excited too; it looks exactly what I need, but all bets are off until I see it. Just a few more hours to see it in the leather, as it were, but the pictures look really good :smile:

  12. I met my crazy ex on a job in Tamworth, sadly that's the only image I can conjure up now. Oh and I met Mike Baldwin from Corrie coming out the service entrance of the butchers shop [emoji23]

    I looked on the Dior website and saw your pouch I think. Is it the one with a zip at the back and a flap at the front? If so, it's really nice and I hope you post some photos of it when it arrives.
  13. Well, for those of you who have never received a package from 30 Avenue Montaigne, I can assure you that when Dior packs an item it stays packed. It took 35 minutes, and a number of implements, to get into the package, and I collapsed on the sofa for a much needed cup of tea before I untied the ribbon. I did try to upload a number of pictures but it looks as if I can only upload one picture at a time, so the picture below is of the clutch and the Double Sens Bougainvillea side :smile:

    I unwrapped the clutch, and fell in love; it is beautiful, the miniature Dior charms deserve a review just for themselves, the chain is of impeccable quality, so much so that it can and will be used as jewellery itself, and has its own little pouch to protect it when it's not needed. I am very, very critical when it comes to metalwork, and this is of the highest quality; it slides almost like silk between one's fingers.

    My only hesitation is about the press stud fastening the front pocket; it's very stiff, but I think it's better stiff than loose.

    The colours are superb; the Cherry is a deep, rich dark red, and the Goji, which is also the lining in the clutch itself, is a peach pink with hints of orange, and it is very, very bright indeed. Unfortunately it's impossible to photograph the colours to show what they really look like because they lose the brightness. These are the best I can manage, and I console myself with the fact that the Dior photographer had identical problems.

    The photos of the clutch with the Hermes Double Sens are particularly misleading because they suggest that the Ruby is much closer to the Cherry than it is, just as it suggests that the Goji is much closer to the Bougainvillea than it is.

    On the other hand, I don't care; they still look good together, and the clutch by itself is utterly wonderful. Under the Mediterranean sun these really bright shades are in their element, and since I'm spending most of July and half of September cruising in the Med and the Aegean, I shall be getting my money's worth. Provided, of course, my daughter doesn't snaffle it when she joins me onboard for the last couple of weeks in July. :smile:

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! The colors work beautifully together :smile:
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