Diorissimo Bolster

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  1. So my bad luck with merchandise continues and my japanese saddle is at dior because the velcro started to come through the top:Push: Thats a weird problem to have, none of my saddles ever did that, even the ones I've had a long time. So to get my through the time it is going to take to bring in another one, I bought myself this:




    Its kind of a nice alternative to the speedy for me :biggrin: I really dont like the patina, so I don't use my speedy everyday, but this wont have that affect and can hold almost as much. It even has this cute cell phone pocket inside:love: Here is a picture of it with my MC speedy to show a size comparison:

  2. I love it Nori! AND it's black, perfect for my clumsy-self. Do you happen to know the dimensions when compared to a girly boston?

    Sorry about your Japanese saddle =<
  3. hehe yeah! I like the its black too...whats weird is that I hardly have any black bags. I guess whenever I see a black bag I think to myself that I have a lot of black...but I fail to tell myself that most of my black things are clothing, not bags. So I'm happy that I have a cool everyday bag that goes with almost anything :biggrin:

    I'm not sure how large it is compared with the girly boston, but I think its slightly larger, or maybe just taller. I remember the girly boston being a lot shorter than my mc speedy.

    It sucks about the saddle, but at least the gaucho is coming out soon :love:
  4. Great choice! It's black and classy. :amuse:
  5. Bad Noriko, two Dior bags in just like 3 weeks?:amuse: How much damage? I didn't see it on eluxury.
  6. :lol: You should have been around for my bag binge over the summer, a bag a week made nOri a happy girl :nuts:

    The bag was only around $700. Great price, bags usually set me back twice as much. I really like the tone on tone mini jacquard :love:
  7. For that bag? Not bad. What model is the speedy?
  8. The speedy is the MC Speedy 30.
  9. And the Bolster is just a little larger than the speedy 30? Not bad.
  10. The bolster seems just a bit smaller to me :biggrin: Unless it just seems that way because the speedy is heavier. The Dior feels so light compared to the speedy, I'm loving it.
  11. So what else do you have your eye on?
  12. The gaucho is definitely next :love: I'm also waiting for the new Chanel 2.55s, they should be arriving soon or so I'm told.

    I forgot to post this, I bought it with the bolster bag. Its just something small for my cell phone but I thought it was sooo effin cute! It came with that cute satin pouch too :biggrin:

  13. The new Chanel 2.55s? Do they have a new design or something? If so, what?
  14. I was told that there may be some new colors coming out, along with a 2.55 that has some sort of design on it. The rumors cant be confirmed but I'm waiting anyway :nuts:
  15. Just a quick question. How many bags do you have?