Diorever Metallic Gold Tote Bag

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  1. *Squeal!*

    Did not expect to be a proud owner of this bag as it was totally unexpected!

    The story was that I had some issues with an exotic skinned wallet that I bought from Dior a couple of months back and in the end, Dior had to refund me the full amount as they were unable to repair it.

    So with a credit note in hand, my hubby and I thought that we will go find something that is of equivalent value so we did not have to top up... until we saw this Diorever and I had to have it, whatever the cost! :P

    Excuse the poor quality of the photos! I am just too excited! :smile:

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  2. Congrats!!! It's very petty! [emoji7]
  3. Gosh, I went from thinking this style was just okay to liking it to loving it, and now to wanting one desperately! LOL! Post more pics if you can!! [emoji2]
  4. Lovely!! I love metallics and love gold. This is such a gorgeous bag. Congrats!!
  5. Congrats and enjoy your new beauty.
  6. congrats! I have loved this color the first time I saw it and am thinking of getting one too. What size is yours and can you post some modeling pictures please? Enjoy this standout bag!
  7. Wow! It is stunning! It looks a lot more sparkly in your photo than in the stock photos.

  8. OMG I was waiting to see this beauty :love: enjoy it and I am kinda jealous lol
  9. Asked my hubby to take some photos of the medium Diorever bag in natural lighting.

    Hope you like them!

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  10. Stunning! :love:
  11. Wow the bag almost has a space-age quality to it with the crinkled gold leather. Simply stunning.
  12. Love this beauty!! So stunning, such a jaw dropping bag!
  13. Gorgeous!!!
  14. It doesn't feel as heavy as my Diorissmo but it still has a nice structured look to it. The main pocket is also easily accessible because it is not so stiff, like the Diorissmo or the Lady Dior.

    How am I going to keep the handles and the white piping clean!! :panic:

    Can't wait to bring it out though!
  15. Happy for you. Enjoy and make sure to use products suitable for cleaning foiled leather!
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