Diorever - Goji pink

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  1. I'm really loving the Goji pink color of the mini Diorever, however I think the mini might be too small for daily use. Those with the mini do you find it to be a practical size for daily wear?

    Does anyone know if this color comes in the medium or another bag that is slightly larger? I see the Be Dior satchel comes in the Goji pink color but it isn't any larger. Alternatively are there any similar colors that anyone has seen to this? Many thanks!


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  2. This goji pink only comes in mini. It's relatively quite small but easier access compare to a LD. Another colour would like a lime yellow.
  3. Thanks Smudley! Does it hold about the same as the mini Be Dior? But easier to access stuff inside?
  4. It's about the same capacity
  5. I finally saw this color in real life and it's super fun, but sad that it only comes in the mini. But maybe in this bold a color one would only want it in a smaller size? Do you think it's a smart purchase in the mini? Would it go with lots? Thanks in advance for your input!
  6. I think a mini Diorever would be fun. It'll add a beautiful pop of colour to your outfit without being overpowering. The mini is also less expensive so you can get the style of the Diorever without having to pay the price of the medium.

    I say go for it. :smile:
  7. Thanks so much AJ!! I always really value your insight and perspective
  8. love the color!
  9. I agree I think a medium or large would be too overpowering. Once I saw a humungous magenta Hermes bag on someone and there was a feeling that the bag was carrying the person!

    I would say go for it.. if you want this particular colour😀
  10. Yes me too!! Summery and fun!!
  11. Thanks Snowbuns! Great perspective, I think you are right in too big a bag this colour might be overwhelming especially since it's so bright! My hold up was the size and that it wouldn't hold very much, had been thinking about a bold color bag to use for work but in the mini this just wouldn't be functional for that purpose. So now debating if I really want another small bag. I have the Goji coloured pumps already and love them so much I want more in that color! 😊
  12. I think luxury should make you happy. I'm going to be the devil and say you should go for it. I wouldn't matcheymatchey with the pumps - too old school - but I think its a great pop of colour for a neutral outfit - all white, with plimsoles and maybe a striped marine blouse with white reverse stitched blazer...drooling over the thought already...or just a little black dress! :smile: or a little white dress! Maybe a yellow one if youre brave! I don't know your style and your wardrobe so fishing in the dark here but I think if you love a colour you'll make room for it and it will make you feel great.

    If you want a functional one there is a nut-brown leather diorever which looks promising...:smile: If I worked in an office I'd probably buy one of them Hermes beach bags with horses on them and take that to work! Except bags for me tend to get exponentially heavier as they get bigger as I attempt to take my house with me if I think there's enough room so fit in the foundations!

    PS my name is short for Snow Bunny! According to the democratic majority of my friends and family I look like a bunny. So Ive been called variations of that all my life. I also have very, very pale skin. Thus, snow bunny. Snowbuns for short.

    Up to you of course but I say get it!
  13. Thanks so much Snow Bunny! Super cute nickname by the way!! Love your suggestions on what to pair it with! I wore my goji pumps with yellow the other day and it was a great combo I thought. The color also looks pretty with cobalt blue (another favorite color of mine!) so you are right I probably would find lots of ways to wear it. Thanks so much for your input, really appreciate it!
  14. My apologies for being still laid low with the bug, hence no pictures, but I have the flat pouch with Cherry and Goji pink, and it's wonderful!

    The Goji is a neon colour, and, as I've noted before, it's there for Dior's clients who spend their summers on the French and Italian Rivieras. For those who haven't been there the light is blindingly bright; so much so that ordinary colours are completely washed out by it.

    It doesn't work quite as well in places which don't have that light; still beautiful here in London, but it needs its natural habitat to be fully appreciated. I'm hoping that the bug will please go again soon since I am due to spend 3 weeks of July, and half of September, cruising in the Med and the Aegean. It may seem silly to call a flat pouch a workhorse, but that's what it will be for me; as well as all the other things it will also be a sort of bag organiser to use with my Hermes Double Sens.

    As you can probably tell, I adore it; it's truly wonderful. :love::love::love:

    I'm sorry to say that I don't know how much the minibags are (can anyone enlighten me on this?) but I really don't think it's intended for a large bag or even medium bag. You don't wander around Capri with a Big Bag, not least because you would look silly; it really doesn't work with the ambience, and Dior knows exactly what does work. :happydance:
  15. I hope you feel much better soon Willowbarb! And your upcoming trips sound truly amazing, I have heard nothing but wonderful things about med cruises!

    When you are up to it I would love to see a modeling picture of your pouch, perhaps that would satisfy my urge for something in this color! Do you intend to use it as a cross body bag? I agree that this color would probably be too much in a larger size, there is a reason that Dior only made it in the mini! Sadly I am no where near nor will I be in the French or Italian Rivieras any time in the near future but that's almost why I want the bag, to bring a little of that feeling/vibe to my cooler climate :smile:
    The minis are 2000 Pounds according to the website so kind of pricey for such a small item, thus my hesitation. But I do love the color .... :loveeyes:
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