Diorever Bag Decision HELP!

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  1. I'm considering a medium silver metallic Diorever bag. It is definitely gorgeous! I am wondering if the metallic might be too trendy for longevity? I haven't had a metallic bag in years. I'm also wondering if it would better in the mini? Sorry for all the questions but need some input to be sure before I spend that much money. TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I don't think metallic is too trendy at all. Every season, several designers release metallic bags, and have done so for years now. They are like patent leather or any other special finish applied on leather.

    I'd say go for the medium. It is the best size in terms of the proportions of the bag, and also in terms of being able to carry all of your daily essentials plus a bit more.
  3. Thanks! That is the one the SA is holding for me until tomorrow. I love the fact that it will go with virtually everything & I can wear it year round. I already have some mini bags. Two BeDior's, one LD, two Celine Nano's & LV Metis Pouchette. With that being said the medium is prob the best option. The SA was telling me what makes it even more special is it was the past designers last bag before he left. I think he called him Rafe?
    Actually I need another bag like I need a 2nd head but tomorrow is our wedding anniversary so I am justifying! :graucho::P:lol::whistle:
  4. I'd definitely get the metallic and I think it's the perfect " finish" to lend a little something special to every type of clothing. The Medium in the Diorever is the perfect choice. It's not too big to be dressed up, yet it's large enough to hold all of the essentials with ease. It's a gorgeous design. I don't think it's too trendy in metallic, to answer your orig question. I agree with aj, metallic is a little akin to animal print in that it's treated as a neutral and it is introduced every season.
  5. +1
  6. Raf Simons is Dior's most recent couturier, and he parted ways with the brand in October last year. The Diorever was introduced during his last collection (SS2016) for the house.
  7. Thanks for the info. The SA stressed that his departure made my bag more special. Even if it doesn't I love it anyway!
  8. I'm supposed to get that silver or the nude-ish pink color but of course, I'm boring and went for the neutral black You'll love it! The medium size is super perfect and the silver honestly is gorgeous!
  9. I normally get the black bag too just to be safe but as I get older I realize how short life is. Decided to get the flashy one this time. It goes with everything! I want to get another at some point and that one will probably be more practical for everyday. I think the black is gorgeous!
  10. That's so true! Go for it and am excited for you! It is such a stunning bag thanks! The black is eye catching and your silver is a head turner