Diordarling's showcase :)

  1. Most of my bags are Dior but i added my accessories from other brands as well. As u can see i love shoes too! Hoping to add more brands to the collection soon :smile: happy looking xo:heart:
    Gaucho tote.JPG

    gaucho wallet.JPG

    gaucho double.JPG

    Lady dior.JPG

    saddle bag.JPG
  2. Love the saddle bag!
  3. Wow, great dior collection, love the saddlebag as well!
  4. Lovely Diors!
  5. Wonderfull Diors
  6. Gorgeous bags, love the first one!
  7. Great collection!
  8. YAY it finally got approved, now i post my other stuff!! These are my fendi's -Spy and vanity bag (gosh i love them:love:) and you always need a matching SLG:yes:

    fendi spy.JPG

    Fendi vanity bag.JPG

    fendi card case.JPG
  9. Some more DIOR:p I also use the flight case as small clutch

    Diorissimo wallet.JPG

    33mm Christal.JPG

    TRM tote.JPG

    Flight makeup.JPG

    flight makeup2.JPG
  10. Some dior shoes, luurrrvvvvve my boots, buttery soft!

    cannage boots.JPG

    cannage shoes.JPG

    mydior slingbacks.JPG

    mydior ballet.JPG

    Mydior thongs.JPG
  11. Now my LV which mainly is shoes at moment, don't know what should be my first lv, not really into traditional monogram canvas and i always want all the LE's!!! Anyway these are my Louis vuitton shoes. Doesn't anyone know if they make the mini lin bags in pink anymore?

    LV evening.JPG

    LV suede pumps.JPG

    mini lin ballet.JPG

    Plus one more Dior evening pumps in pink satin and crystals

    Diorlywood shoes.JPG
  12. Lovely Dior collection, I really like it! :flowers:
  13. I'm in heaven over your shoes! Gorgeous!!! :heart:
  14. Great collection! Love all of your diors!
  15. ahh! i LOVE your gauchos! gorgeous!