Diorama or VCA Alhambra??

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  1. #1 Jul 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
    Hi Ladies!
    It's a slow day at work, and I've been meaning to post this for a little while now. My hubby's and my anniversary is coming up in a month, and I can't decide what I want! I originally was deciding between a Chanel boy and the VCA 10 motif onyx, but after really feeling it at Saks this weekend, I decided it may be too stiff for me. While in Saks, I wandered in Dior, and saw the Diorama. I love the edgy/yet classic style of it it more than the boy bag and I feel like i'd probably get a lot of use out of it. Though I could buy it for myself, the VCA necklace seems like it would be more special as a gift. I've been dreaming about the Alhambra for awhile now, but I feel bad making him buy me such an expensive gift (Though it is 25 years... and he keeps telling me it's perfectly fine) when all he is asking for are some new golf clubs! I don't know, what do you guys think? Should I just stick with the necklace, as my husband has already agreed to it? or should I buy it myself and let him buy me the bag? Or just get the bag myself? Ughh this is hard! What are your experiences with both? Do any of you have both and recommend one over the other? Since this is Dior, I'm sure the results may get a little skewed, but any advice better than none!


    P.S. Should I also post this in the Van Cleef and Arpels forum, or would that be a duplicate and therefore taken down?
  2. i think the necklace is ugly as hell and looks cheap. it reminds me of the stuff you get in primark. i especially hate the chain of the necklace...its not exactly a refined chain. also i dont like the plainness and repetitiveness of the design. when i saw it i thought oh that must be really cheap and then i saw the price and wondered why. its not like...something it would take talent to make or desing. it looks like something which can easily be faked and mass produced because it is so simple and bland.

    i think chanel boy bag is ugly too...diorama looks better.
    i say go with the bag.
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  3. Thank you for your honesty! I would't say that It looks cheap, though I don't think that its worth as much as the are selling it for, but I do like the design!
  4. It's hard to compare, especially because one is jewelry and the other is a bag. If you're going to get the necklace anyway, then let your husband get that for you because he seems to have agreed to that already (unless I misread that, and you meant that he is willing to buy you whatever you wish around this price range), and perhaps buy the bag yourself.

    The Diorama is special, isn't it? Quite a beautiful option for a chain-strap flap bag.
  5. Alhambra!
  6. why dont you go to dubai and get it replicated...if you like the design but think its overpriced...which obviously it is
    18k gold is pretty cheap as a source material...i reckon it would probably be pretty easy to do for them and you would end up with it at cost price.
  7. Basically, he's agreed to pay for the necklace, but if I find something in the same price range, he'd be fine with that too... he's pretty flexible.
    And yes, its a GORGEOUS bag, its just so interesting, yet timeless. Plus, its not so over-exposed like the boy, which I think is a big plus.
    Thanks for the input!
  8. Hmmm.... interesting idea, though I really have no interest in going to all the way to Dubai. If it was Rome or Paris, it might be a different story..... :biggrin: The price isn't really an issue, Its more me feeling guilty for the fact that he'd be spending so much on me with nothing in return. It's stupid I know, but what are you going to do?
    Thanks for the idea though!
  9. Do you happen to know how it wears? Does the onyx scratch easily? I'm relatively careful with my jewelry, but If I'm paying this much for something that isn't diamonds, I want to know that it will stand the test of time!
  10. idk where you are based... im sure you could get a quote from a jeweller near you.
    err in a way i dont understand that though. if he is your husband, you sort of own him and everything he has.
    and in a way you are one legal person. when i get hitched ima tell my husband that when he buys things for me, he is actually buying things for himself because technically he is me so he shouldnt expect me to buy stuff too. BOOM.

    here in england you dont pay inheritance tax between spouses and you are only allowed one primary residence between you because you are joined together as one person in holy matrimony and all that.
  11. My anniversary is in September and I am going through the same pre-anniversary madness already.

    I'd say go with the best, most beautiful Chanel LeBoy you can find. The price is only going up each season and Diorama's hype is cooling down. You might be able to get a Diorama for a better price next season. NO to the necklace! That is fashion suicide!
  12. #12 Jul 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
    LOL That is GENIUS! I've been backing up my purse obsession by saying that they are "assets", as they hold their value well and can be sold later (hint: Im never selling them :biggrin:) Interesting to know how marriage works on the other side of the pond!
  13. I do love the look of the Boy, but I feel like it is just too stiff, and because of that I would't enjoy using as much... My son is trying to get me to buy the boy and he says the same thing about how I should buy it now, as the price will just go up. Who knows, maybe I'll end up with both! Interesting thought about the Diorama's price going down. I doubt it, but one can dream! What is it that you don't you like the necklace? do you find it too overexposed? I feel like its a classic piece, and as I wear black very often it would match my wardrobe very well.
    happy early anniversary!!
  14. Dior doesn't usually do price decreases unless it is adjusting for currency fluctuations, which is rare.

    Besides, may I ask why the Van Cleef is "fashion suicide"? It looks like a pretty standard necklace to me, so I'm curious to know what informed your opinion.

    Unfortunately, the Diorama may only see a price increase.
  15. As I figured :crybaby: Though the VCA did go down in price this year!