Diorama or lady Dior

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  1. I am looking to purchase my first Dior nag and can't decide which to purchase first I love diorama it reminds me of the Chanel boy bag which is one of my favs & I love the mini lady Dior because it's classic & timeless ..which would you drive first ?
  2. Buy first*
  3. Hi!
    If you already have the Chanel boy I would go for the mini lady (not that diorama is anything like the boy but still) but if you don't have the boy bag then I would vote for the diorama! Welcome to Dior! :smile:
  4. I vote for the mini Lady Dior as well. It's a great first Dior piece. The opening is easy to get into, too, compared to the medium version.
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    Lady Dior with the Jewel strap ����. I just a saw my mom wear lady Dior very classy.
  6. Lady Dior!
  7. For your first Dior, I'd choose the Lady Dior. I purchased the Medium LD in February and I absolutely love it. It's gorgeous, and so classic. My second Dior was the large Promenade and I'm now looking to purchase a Diorama. Whichever you choose, Dior bags are so chic, elegant and luxurious! You can't go wrong so follow your heart.
  8. I love the Mini Lady Dior because it's not hard to get your hand in & out of and I believe no collection is complete without a Lady Dior :smile:
  9. I own the Chanel boy bag and Lady Dior. I would get the Lady Dior to diversify. When carried with the shoulder strap, it gives the bag a different more casual look.
  10. I'm having this problem too - to buy a Diorama or Lady Dior. It seems like LD won hands down! :smile:
  11. Mini Lady Dior for sure
  12. I'm going to go against the crowd here. I had the same dilemma and went with Diorama. It was a toss between the mini chain LD or medium Diorama

    It's a personal choice. My lifestyle is more casual now with a toddler. I feel that I have to dress up (even if it's a little more) with the lady Dior. Shorts and tee just won't go with it even crossbody. I could also fit more in the Diorama.
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  13. Diorama It has a classic feel with a fresh look imho and so sturdy, hopefully will last the test of time