Diorama or Gucci Marmont

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  1. Thank you, CrazyCool01! I was trying the diorama medium in the Dior Boutique yesterday. My friend thinks it looks like that I am carrying a box. But, I love the quality of the handbag. I am overweight ( am currently working on losing weight:smile:, it should work then.
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  2. No problem Enjoy your purchase
    IMG_7316.JPG IMG_7644.JPG
  4. The diorama has arrived. Should I keep it?
  5. I think it looks even more stunning in person! I think the Diorama makes more of a style statement than the Marmont, and I think velvet bags won't wear very well (since velvet is delicate). I also like the colour and think it would go well with a lot of other colours.

    Pros for the Marmont - you could probably fit a bit more inside it than the Diorama. It's also a beautiful colour. More "on trend" style, if that's something you like.

    For me, this would be an easy decision, because the Diorama makes my heart sing. But you don't seem taken with it? Why did you buy it in the first place, and why are you not sure now?
    Bottom line, it's not worth spending that much money on a piece you don't love, imo.
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  6. It is so pretty! I think you should keep it. This Diorama is a head-turner, especially with the micro-Cannage pattern in a beautiful metallic pink.

    Much nicer and less common than the Gucci Marmont, in my opinion. And I like the Marmont, too.
  7. I think the Diorama is even prettier in your photos than the ones on FP. As someone who owns and loves both bags, my vote is for the Diorama.
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  8. Thank you, Apricots!
    I actaully love Dior Diorama. I love the color as well. just want to make sure!
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  9. Thank you, Averagejoe!!I just want to make sure my decision. I agree, This diorama is very nice. I hope this bag is not too dressy for everyday. Do you feel this bag is a little heavy or not at all? I weigh the bag it is 847 gram.
  10. Thank you, Canto Bight! What color and leather do you own on diorama, and Marmont? I think I will keep the diorama. It is a statement piece.
  11. wow it’s very beautiful. I think personally, it’s rather dressy and has very specific outfits to go with but it is a statement piece almost like collectors item. Really pretty
  12. Thank you, Verytotes! YEs, it is a dressy bag, will use it in a special occasion.
  13. I don't think this bag is heavy at all, especially compared to other bags on the market. They already hollowed out the metal chain so that it is as light as it can be. I also don't think this bag is too dressy, because of its size. Evening bags tend to be a lot smaller.
  14. Hello Averagejoe,
    thank you very much for the comments!! great points! can't wait to wear the bag. Also, do you wear certain outfits when wear the diorama?
  15. Such a stunning bag! Really eye-catching! I'd love to see a model/outfit picture for inspiration, as I am thinking about adding a diorama to my small collection too! :smile: