Diorama or Gucci Marmont

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  1. I like the Dior better
  2. Dior but I don’t care for that color. The marmont will get very droopy over time because of the lack of structure in the bottom and soft leather
  3. Both are beautiful but my vote is the diorama. I just got my first diorama and I love it. And have at least two more colors that I plan to get soon
  4. Hello the BagQueen,
    Which color of diorama did you get? Congratulations!
  5. Dior
  6. Thank you Bagidiotic!
    Have anyone seen this color pink 2018-2019 of Dior? I love pink lol
  7. Thanks! I got the metallic microcannage in rose gold with champagne gold hardware.

    I also fell in love with a light blue diorama with silver hw, which will be perfect for spring! I plan on getting that soon.

    I hope you love whichever one you pick!
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  8. Another vote for the Diorama. Not 100% sure but feel velvet may not wear well in the long run.
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  9. I like the Gucci Marmont but the Diorama, especially in the micro-Cannage really beats the Gucci in this case.
  10. Dior! The quality is far superior
  11. Thank you all for comments!! Anyone see this color before? I love pink, hope it is easy to match clothes.
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  12. 100% diorama . It s a classy bag. Not that gucci marmont isn’t. Marmont is new to market while diorma has beeen around for few years now. And hands down Dior craftmanship is great
  13. Thank you! I am only 152 CM ( 4'11"). Will medium be too big on me?
  14. I am only few cms taller than you .. 5’ and medium fits perfectly . But am not super thin so it depends on your body frame