1. I have been waiting for my SA from Dior to call me and tell me that my gaucho was in for a month now! So, yesterday I called and my SA has left the store for good! Anyway, now they tell me that my bag won't be in until the end of May! I was wondering if anyone knows any where around the U.S that I can call and have them ship me the bag? I am looking for the small Dior Gaucho in white. Also, does anyone know if it is possible to call the Paris boutique? I don't know any french but I will do anything to get this bag within the next week or two. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Hey, NikNak. I was just checking eLUXURY and so far they only have the medium denim/leather in stock and the large white one. But you might want to keep checking with them. I hope you find it.
  3. They had a small white gaucho at the Dior store at American Manhasset awhile ago. Maybe it is still there. The phone # for Americana Manhasset is 1-800-818-6767. Perhaps they can give you a number for the Dior store. Good luck!
  4. I will tell my friend who is the manager of Dior in Las Vegas to find one for you.

    Do you live in USA?
    You also can call her at 702.731.1334 and ask for Lisa.
  5. Yep I do live in the U.S. I'm a college student in New York City but I would have the bag probably shipped to my house in Connecticut. Thank you so much for your help! I really, really, really love and want that bag!
  6. I had my friend who is manager check the small Gaucho for you.
    It's 995.00 and around US they now have 5 available which you can order them.

    Of coz shipping to CT will get tax exampt which I think it's a great deal. Shipping cost is 25.00

    I hope it's help.