Dior worth the price?

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  1. I just purchased this new My Dior bag in black. Is it worth $2K (after taxes)? I absolutely adore it but property taxes are due...and I still need to spend money on Christmas presents.

    Decisions, decisions..

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  2. Hi and Welcome! :welcome:

    Only you know whether it is worth it, to you. :yes:

    It will be very good quality, but of course, you are also paying for the high design and the brand name.

    If you love the design; it is worth it to you. :biggrin:
  3. The color is amazing! It's expensive but if you love it....keep it! It will definitely be a great/pleasing purchase!
  4. Dior's quality is amazing (comparable to LV) and I think that your 2K was very well spent! Yes, the holidays are around the corner, but it doesn't mean that it's a time for self-denial :biggrin:
  5. it's gorgeous! worth it if you can afford it without jeopardizing your finances
  6. If you can afford it keep it. Its a lovely bag
  7. Such a lovely bag!!!
  8. hi! i've noticed that all the bags are in the 2K zone now. it use to be 600-800... but the mark is definitely higher. sooooooo- if u LOVE it then good, if not then no. sometimes we need to sit back and really think about why we buy things. ( i have done alot of this this past year....) so---- u got 2 weeks right? just be honest with yourself and then decide.

  9. I have been totally lusting after that same "My Dior" satchel bag (but in black). :love: So jealous! Obviously, I think its worth it!
  10. If you love it and can afford it - than of course it's worth it! But if you have any doubts, I would think about it.
  11. I thought I saw a thread around here about somebody having issues with their Dior bag? I'll do a search and get back with ya!

    On another note, if you want it and you aren't gonna break the bank purchasing it then kewl. Otherwise, like you said, Christmas is around the corner and you KNOW you gotta pay those property taxes.

    If it is do-able then go for it, but it sounds like you have some other obligations.

  12. That is a beautiful bag!!!!!!! I love the color!!!!!!!
  13. $2,000 I would go for Marc Jacob
  14. I love the bag!!! It's beautiful!
  15. It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely adore it!!!!!!!

    But maybe keep it only if you can enjoy it without the worries of how to pay your property tax bill...