Dior WOC

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  1. Hello.First time posting in the dior subsection!

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone would recommend the dior woc?

    How long do they last?

    How do they compare to other competitors like chanel and lv?

    Anyways I look forward to your input :biggrin:
  2. i dont have this wallet but i have pretty much other dior leather goods.

    personally think that dior leather is durable and i have been using my dior gaucho wallet for 2 years.
  3. Dior wallets are very well constructed. My mom has an old Dior Detective wallet and it has lasted till now (got it in 2006).
  4. Although lovely... the Dior WOC is not nearly as roomy as the latest LV WOC, the Rossmore or Chanel WOC. Unlike the LV and Chanel WOC, the Dior WOC is a wallet first - handbag second. So if you're looking for a wallet (or a handbag with the slimmest dimensions), this is a much better choice than the LV or Chanel WOC.

    But if you're looking for a handbag, then the LV and Chanel WOCs are essentially slim handbags with card slots. They're not very functional as wallets (since they're heavier and bulkier than a traditional wallet), but are great hands-free crossbody bags or day/evening clutches. They'll hold small items, i.e. phone, keys, lip balm, etc.

    Because the Dior WOC is a wallet, it won't hold a phone, keys, or lip balm easily. The chain is also more like a bracelet chain than a handbag strap, so it's probably not meant to take the kind of abuse expected of the LV and Chanel WOCs (imo).

  5. Last year I saw a small Dior with a long chain that could be worn messenger style for about $1,150. I believe you could also carry it with the chain shortened or as a clutch. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of it. It has more room in it than this one in the link. It looked similar to Chanel's WOC's, but I think the Dior one was much nicer than the Chanel WOC. The Dior one was more like a mini purse than a wallet.