Dior wild west

  1. did anyone here buy these? They are from the Dior wild west collection... i like them a lot. :yes:

  2. No, I didn't buy them but I loved the tall fur boots....
  3. ooh I dig this collection...thanks for posting
  4. ooh-also not for me.......
  5. I find that first boot creepy!
  6. Does anyone know who i can contact to possibly get the middle ones (the flat sandals)? They are from Spring 2005 though....
  7. You may want to consult the ultimate SA (EBAY!)?
  8. I understand the boots but the flip flops and the high heeled slides with fur? Is it practical, when and where would you where this?? JUST WONDERING?:wtf:
  9. Haha my bf looked at it and he said it looks like you kicked a squirrel and it got stuck on your shoe!!:nuts:
  10. lol! I have wanted them for so long! :yes: I doubt i can find them though
  11. Love them :smile: - very nice indeed - partic this shoe - how much do they cost (she asks with her fingers crossed- lol)