Dior Western thigh high boot in Congac

  1. Chauss and Loganz,
    I did it thanks to you guys. I had looked at this boot in the early fall and loved it. However, I have been so busy with Chanel and Hermes that I did not look into getting a pair. A few days ago I logged on to Dior and saw you were looking for a pair. Then ,I saw Chauss and she looked so great in those boots. I phoned my SA in Paris asap and he had one air left in Congac. They should be arriving in a few days.
    Also, I logged on to one of my favorite new designers, H Fredriksson. H FREDRIKSSON She is Swedish and does outstanding clothes, lots of silk, wool, and natural fabrics.
    There is a wonderful dress frame 7, I think, in grey wool with a wide lace insert, lovely. Model is wearing black western style boots. I think the Dior boot will be great with this dress, at least I hope so. Also, look at frames 10. 12, and 13. They are all in silk and are wonderful.

    Don't give up on your search, there is a pair for you. Log on to the Dior site and see where there boutiques are located in the states. Give them a call and see what is available.

    Thanks for modeling those boots. Your SA should give you a discount on your next purchase. I am sure you indeed sold a lot of boots for Dior, you look stunning. There is a very delighted daughter in this house.
  2. ktown - I am glad I could help you with your purchase. :smile:

    please post pictures of your fabulous boots when they arrive, I have never seen the thigh-high boots on a "real" woman. (kate does NOT count, darn supermodels) :p