dior western ballernia flats?

  1. does anyone know if the following flats:

    come in the dark red color? I have a med dior gaucho and wanted to get matching flats! do you think white flats would look akward with a deep red gaucho?? or even black ones?

    please advise!
    thanks in advnace.:rolleyes:
  2. I would call a DIOR store and ask!
  3. [​IMG]

    there is the jean one with a dark red tim...but i don't know if they can match with the bag....:wondering:
  4. Does anyone know how these run sizewise..I need to re-order online...The ones I ordered were soldout...sniff...
  5. Those would be so adorable in red
  6. anyone seen red ones?
  7. I think it'll be cuter in colors, other than the white or black.
  8. I Love This Shoe!
  9. ahhh, a shoe I can wear! they are too cute!!!
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