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  1. How are Dior watches in terms of quality and durability? I am really considering getting the 38mm black croc and diamond La D de Dior watch but I'm just not sure about the house itself for watches...I'm seriously considering the La D but I don't know if it's going to be a house permanent or will they just be phased out like the riva, chris 47, malice, and the trendy christal...I want something unique yet timeless so that I will not look back in 2 years and say "what was I thinking blowing $2800 on this?" so...any feedback and help is appreciated:flowers:


    If this is a bad investment then how about the Hermes arceau maxi

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  2. I would DEFINITELY get the Dior as the La D de Dior will be with Dior for a VERY VERY long time. It actually looks better than the Hermes watch, and (to be honest) it's my favourite watch. I'd like it even if I didn't like Dior, just because this is one of the most beautiful watches ever made. Too bad I can't afford the one with diamonds at the moment.

    I own a Chris 47 Steel with python leather, and it's quality is superb! I wouldn't worry about Dior's watch quality, because my Chris 47 has been super reliable for such a long time, even with rough wear (I'm not always careful with my watches). Actually, the La D de Dior is part of the Dior Joaillerie line (their fine jewelry line), and is made with the supreme quality of their fine jewelry.
  3. I've had two Dior watches and I'm very impressed with their qaulity and durability (I've also owned Rado and Gucci watches and I personally prefer Dior over these two brands aswell).
    The first Dior watch I wore daily for about 5 years, it was in great condition before I replaced it, I actually only replaced it because I was in love with the pink christal watch.

    I really love the watch you are interested in, its timeless and classy, the Hermes is okay, I'm not really a big fan of it, the Dior just looks a lot more special.
  4. I wonder why the La D is not as popular as the Christal or the Chanel J12...it's cheaper and more classic and elegant imo but I don't think it's doing well as far as sales go...I don't need to justify the watch by its popularity and I actually like that it's understated and not trendy but I'm just curious as to why not that many people care for this line. Any ideas?
  5. I'm sure sure it does too badly sales wise, I know a few girls who own them.
    I only got the Christal watch because it had pink on it and I love pink...if the La D was pink I'd have it in a heartbeat!! Though if I had seen this before the pink Christal I could have got this one instead:

    I'm not sure why the other styles of Dior or Chanel watches appear to me more popular, maybe its because they are advertised more? Or like you said because they are more trendy right now so people want it just the same as the want the 'in' handbag.

    I'm actually thinking about getting the La baby D like this one:

    I love my Christal watch but the pink can look a little wrong with some of my outfits and the baby La D (or any La D) is so classic looking you could wear it with anything.
  6. Yeah the la baby d is dressier and you should get it as your dressed-up watch...there is also one with swirling diamond on the dial...it's pretty cool but I have to find that picture first...lol
  7. ok I found the snail La D...it's cool
    from worldtempus
  8. That one with the swirling diamonds is amazing, I love that.
  9. wow I agree!
  10. I have the La Baby D with a white mother of pearl face and I love it. I bought mine last summer, use it everyday and it still looks good! The sales associate also told me that Tag Hauer is actually the manufacturer of Dior watches..
  11. Ooh...tag heuer manufactures Dior watches? I was hoping that would be zenith...lol
  12. Ooh...so I found out that the snail La D is Swiss exclusive and will not be released anywhere else...bummer