Dior Watch? Is this a good find?

  1. Hi, all!

    I was out shopping yesterday and I found a Dior watch in TJ Maxx and I was wondering if it was a good find. Here are the details:

    No paperwork, but in Dior box.

    White leather band, plain (no logo imprints, but nice clean leather), rows of "crystal" (probably swarovski, because I seriously doubt if they're diamonds) on a rectangular shaped face.

    Marked down heavily... original *TJ Maxx price* was $1000...

    Here is a similar picture I found of it online. This is NOT the actual watch or even the actual color:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My questions are: do you have this watch and if so what's the retail price? And what would you pay for it? My hesitation is that I could really get another bag for the price that it is (a small one!) but it's also a really cute watch. Opinions?
  2. This is almost exactly the watch except the one I saw has crystals and no cutouts on the band:
    Thanks in advance, by the way, for your advice!
  3. Yes, the *face* looked just like that one but with the band from the other pics...

    Maybe they were diamonds? The saleslady wasn't sure... Thanks! (your dog is adorable... I have a scottie, myself. I need to figure out how to put her pic up with all my postings! (off to figure it out!))

    Thanks again!
  4. (testing to see if the photo shows up...)
  5. That watch is part of the malice collection and band is interchangable. You may be describing the sparkling version which is real diamonds. In AUD that watch retails for around $1300. I do know Dior are phasing out the malice watches to focus on Christal so this may be why its on sale. hope this helps :smile:
  6. That does help. I think I'm going to go buy it... the price was under $300 USD, so if it's diamonds that's a great price, right? I might get a "regular" band for it, though...
  7. i'm pretty sure it's real diamonds as well. I'd had a malice watch for a couple of years and I absolutely loved it, but unfortunately i think i've lost it since december last year. :crybaby:

    And many many Dior malice watches are in fact on sale and I'm also considering getting another one as well.

    Hope you get the watch! If you do, please post some photos
  8. i think its rather good but id much rather the christal watches.