Dior wallet?

  1. Hey girls, i'm a dior virgin so far but I have always loved Dior's designs. I'm thinking of getting myself a treat after my exams in May and what will you girls recommend? Gaucho wallet? Dior Cannage in pink? :smile:
  2. I like the gaucho wallet best!
  3. Hi ParanoidJane!!!

    What a big difference...a wallet versus a handbag. I suggest the pink cannage bag because I think that if you're starting with Dior, a handbag is an amazing way to do that because others can see the bag on you and make nice comments that can tempt you to buy more Dior :biggrin:
  4. I agree with MayDay. You can start with pink cannage bag. You'll enjoy it more b/c you'll able to see it more. Wallet gets burried. :smile:
  5. or did u mean pink cannage wallet? :smile: i saw black and white ones but i dont know about pink...one way or the other i vote for an aged silver gaucho !:heart:
  6. Thank you girls for your feedback! :heart:

    Oops, i could have been more specific. I meant the pink cannage wallet. It came in during Spring. I wish i could afford a bag but I'd rather start out with a wallet. :yes: plus i don't know what I'd do with a bag! I wouldn't carry it on campus. I would probably store it away and stare at it adoringly or something. Lol. Plus i sort of find the cannage bag oversized.

    Edit: Mayday, your collection is temptation enough. I love your Lady Dior evening bag!
  7. How about the pewter cannage? The color is gorgeous!
  8. i have a perfect solution for u :graucho: get a gaucho bag with a gaucho wallet ! a meidum gaucho is not as big as cannage but still fits a lot in and u have a choice between a tote and a shoulder bag :nuts: ... and u could carry it with you, the more this bag is worn and broken in the better it looks imho :yes: