Dior wallet - pics

  1. I am trying to decide if I should get this wallet or not. I really like the look and design of the wallet. However it is "coated canvas." I guess it's like LV mono; right? Does anyone know how well it would hold up compared to all leather? I guess it won't get scratched easily; right?


  2. I would be more concerned about getting it dirty, the stains would really show.
    Its a great looking wallet though.
  3. cute, but I was going to say the same thing^
    It would get dirty/dingy looking in my purse after a while.
  4. i was looking at the exact same wallet on elux. :smile: aw its cute. i love it. im thinking it will get dirty easily but if you baby your stuff like i do then it shouldn't be a problem ;D
  5. i feel like dior's coated canvas is pretty much damage/dirt proof......they feel pretty hard/plasticy and if you're still concerned i's do a light coating of the shining monkey and this thing should be indestructable (other than the leather bits)..... :P

    i personally love coated canvases because i'm always afraid of scratches and i find it holds up a lot better
  6. Ohh it's beautiful! I love it :love:
  7. It is beautiful. I love the color and the style. Elegent but not too girly.
  8. that is TOO cute!
  9. Oooh that's a really cute wallet :amuse: I think you should get it! :amuse:
  10. i know this is the small version of the wallet but i just had to post cuz i love the photo.....and i think you should get the wallet it's soso pretty :P

  11. it's cute, but i would worry about getting it dirty as well. the bag is even cuter!
  12. i so did not need to see that, my wallet can't handle me drooling over something new. too cute!
  13. Okay that little bag is just WAY too cute :love:
  14. Jc, the bag is so pretty!
  15. That is so pretty. I like the bag, too.