Dior Vs Chanel

  1. I am having a dilema over which to get. I love the Dior Bag in black, but keep thinking I should consider a Chanel. I don't own many expensive bags other than a couple LV's, so I really want to make the right choice. (I worry the Cambon isn't as classic as the Lady Dior) Just thought you all might have some good input! Thanks so much for your help!
    dior.jpg chanels.jpg
  2. Chanel all the way! I had a horrible experience in a Dior store (I was wearing scrubs and got NO service). Since then, I've avoided the brand. Chanel = class. Dior = trendy.
  3. I'm also thinking of getting the lady dior! I would go with the dior of course.
  4. chanel
  5. chanel
  6. Dior.
  7. It's not easy to find the Cambons anymore. If you can find one, I say go for the Chanel.
  8. I love Chanel, but am not a big fan of the Cambon line, it's constantly faked and in my opinion after a while that particular design always looks like a fake to me. However, the Dior is very classy!And would be very pretty in black!
  9. ^I had similar concerns about the Chanel. I saw the Dior and it's really beautiful. I do wish that style had a longer strap for the shoulder though.

    ^Also, I'm sorry the Dior salesperson was so rude to you in your scrubs!! Can you imagine if they showed up needing your assistance and got treated that way!!!
  10. OMG i caught between 2 loves: chanel and dior. hey are both awesome designers...if you are looking for something less trendy i say lady dior
  11. I really like the Dior.
  12. Chanel!
  13. :confused1: i like both
  14. lady dior is more classic,IMHO. it's more 'similar' to 2.55 in the sense of classicness <++ is there such word?
  15. Would you consider a different chanel? Maybe the cotton club in black or GST?