Dior Vntage Flowers

  1. I want a Dior Vintage Flowers frame bag soooooooo bad! Does anyone know where I can get one? Also if you have one would you mind posting pics of you wearing and or the inside of the bag!

  2. Do you have a picture of the bag so we can see which one you're tlaking about?
  3. Here is my Vintage Flowers, I don't have a picture of the inside, but will take one. Is the frame style like mine what you want. This bag came in a few styles, I remember a messenger and I think possibly a tote. I have seen a few on eBay, it went for a great price, I think about $900. I'll keep my eyes open.
    dior vintage flowers.jpg
  4. ReRe~ thats exactly the one I want... and you answered my next question which was how much does this bag go for?
  5. I found some pictures of other Dior Vintage Flowers Bags. Most are from old advertisements, except the Shopper. Not 100% if this one is authentic or not.
    dior vintage flower frame ad.jpg dior vintage flowers messenger.jpg dior shopper tote.jpg Dior_01_VintageFlowersSaddleBag.jpg dior wicker flower frame.jpg
  6. The retail on mine, new in 2005 from Neiman's was $1300.
  7. Sorry, I uploaded the wrong Dior tote, the Vintage Flower Tote picture is too big to upload, I'll work on resizing it.

    Here is a link to a picture I found of it:
    Dior Vintage Flower Tote
  8. Thanks!!!
  9. If you go to my showcase thread, I have a Vintage Flowers Pouch in it in the attachment marked "Dior." I also know that they made it in the boston bag style.
  10. mrsjimmy~ Love it!!! I really want the frame bag NOW!
  11. ^^Thanks!! A girl I know has the frame bag and it is GORGEOUS!! Good luck in finding one! You'll love it!
  12. I saw this exact same bag at the Cabazon Dior Outlet last week! Call them and order it!
  13. I am going to call the outlet and see how much that one is! I am going to get one of them.

  14. good luck with the outlet hun ! let us know how thigns turned out for you ! :yes: