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  1. Hey all! I searched the the forum and didn't see anyone talking about the Dior visors. Anyone own them or think they are worth it? They retail for $385 and come in a few colors. I was at Saks last week and couldn't decide which color I wanted. But I wanted some thoughts before I buy.
    Thanks! dior (2).jpg dior (3).jpg dior (1).jpg dior visors.jpg
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  2. I don't own a Dior visor, but I have tried them on. If I wanted to incorporate the visor in a colourful wardrobe, I would lean towards the dark grey one. Between the yellow and blue mirrored visor on you, I think the blue mirrored one looks better (Blue is my favourite colour, so I might be a little biased :cool:). To decide on a colour, I usually look at the outfits I would wear with that item- will your outfits look better with a pop of yellow or blue? Good luck deciding!
  3. I would take the vote on blue! The blue looks kind of iridescent in your photo
  4. I like the yellow one on you more.
  5. Thanks for all the feedback! After checking my closet, I think the blue would fit best. Can't wait to purchase and will post pictures when I do.
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  6. i have one and love it, love the blue on you. blue wasn't an option when i purchased.
  7. really? what color did you end up getting? would you mind posting pictures of it? thanks!
  8. Just got the Dior Visor!
    I liked them as I first saw them but as it got real hot here where I live I seriously decided to purchase them. I tried them on and the look cool .. I chose the grey ones.

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  9. Hey all. So I finally got the visor this week and I absolutely love it!
    diorme2.jpg diorme3.jpg diorme.jpg
    Can't wait to wear it out. I loved the blue and white the most. The iridescence got me. Thanks for all your feedback.
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  11. Cute! I just got this one today! Have you gotten good use from it and durability? I really liked the iridescence too
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  12. I bought it the end of August last year so I didn't get much use wearing it, but I have it on display in my room and enjoy looking at it lol With summer coming next month I'm pretty sure I'll get much more use out of it though. It seems durable but I also baby it because I break everything! Enjoy your new visor.
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