Dior VIP sale in sydney

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  1. While i was browsing vogue i found this thread!

    "Wednesday, 30th May 2007

    5-8 pm

    Ladies shoes, accessories & selected leather goods

    RVSP to 8243 8428 by Tuesday, 29th May 2007

    Must bring the invitation card to the event"

    it says to bring the card so i called the store up, and they said you can still be part of this event even if you are not invited:smile: i asked what is going on sale and they werent so sure but she said 30% of on vintage traveller and st germain.. i dont think i can make it to the sale..unfortunately:okay:
  2. Shut up! I so wish they had that here in the states :cry:
  3. LOL! but dior in us is much cheaper and US is having 40% while Aus is having 30%...:Push:
  4. awww su, you need to send a rep down for you to get those bags! and yup, these private sales of dior's are never that private. it's open to anyone who stumbles into the store when the sale is ongoing.
  5. Does the SALE start the day after for the public? I wonder if they have Dior Flight stuff left....the blue denim material bags.......i want one with the orange strap.